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Lolli & Pop’s — The Candy Shop with Class

December 23, 2021
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Happy holidays, Town Stars! You’ve had a few weeks to play around with the new crafting and the new in-game Candy Shop building. Now you’re even testing your confectionary skills on our Candy Cane Meta, in which Stars are nerfed for all high-tier produced goods except Candy Canes!

We managed to get through Galaverse without leaking this one, but it required a whole team of guards to keep Todd from satisfying the community’s cries of “Wen leak?!”

Now, like a breath of fresh air, we’re thrilled to announce and launch the sale of Lolli & Pop’s Shop, the first souped-up NFT version of a Town Star production building!

Lolli is already a powerhouse of candy production on her own, especially with the reduced crafting requirements that come with the current Candy Cane Meta. Throw her new companion, Pop, and his hot wheels into the mix and the result is an unstoppable candy making force with the potential to ensure your local Town Star dentist’s business for many years to come!

Why NFT?

Everyone has access to the standard in-game Candy Shop. Simply pay the $150k of in-game money and place it in your town as long as you meet the building requirements.

The standard in-game Candy Shop has a relatively slow production time, and the main advantage you’ll get from using an NFT version is in the speed.

Production Speed

Legendary NFT — 100% boost to production speed


The greater the rarity on the Lolli & Pops NFT, the lower the wage that must be paid to the operators, Lolli and Pop. The Legendary shop is such an exquisite facility that both are willing to work there for free, simply for the experience.

Standard in-game — $150 per minute

Uncommon NFT — $100 per minute

Rare NFT — $50 per minute

Legendary NFT —No cost at all!

Unit Speed

When so many ingredients are being collected for a craft, unit speed is very important. This is when it pays to have a car. When Pop is in a good mood, he tears around town even faster, so naturally he really flies in and out of the Legendary shop!

Standard in-game — standard Lolli foot speed

Uncommon NFT — “Sunday driver” — 50% faster than Lolli foot speed

Rare NFT — “Wild and Free” — 2x Lolli foot speed

Legendary NFT — “Reckless Abandon” — 3x Lolli foot speed

Moar Benefits

In addition to all the above and the general awesomeness of seeing a sleek wind-up car cruising around your town, there are several more things to consider about actually owning your production building.

Place it for Free

This is a huge bonus (and head start in competition) when you consider that the standard in-game unit costs $150,000 to build. Being able to place it right off the bat and start making candy as soon as you can make sugar will almost always give you a big advantage in either Weekly Competition or your Daily Challenge. Plus, you can move it around and rearrange as often as you’d like.

Sell it if You Want

This is the backbone of our mission of empowerment at Gala Games, and it’s true of every NFT we sell. You actually own it, and that means that you can do what you want with it. Play with it for rewards, give it to a friend, or sell it on the secondary market! Soon, with the Town Market Board, you’ll even be able to lend it to other players for a passive share in their rewards!

Earn Daily TOWN Rewards

You’ll have to wait and see for yourself exactly what the rewards are, but like all Town Star playable NFTs, the Lolli & Pop’s Shop will be eligible for daily TOWN rewards. As long as you have some Gala Power and complete your Daily Challenge, you can collect rewards daily in Town Star Play-to-Earn!

The Sale

Lolli & Pop’s Shop is available now while supplies last in the Town Star store. Remember that all our releases use an increasing price tier structure, meaning the earlier you buy, the more you save!

Price tiers are released 10% of the total supply at a time, and each tier is priced higher than the last. Don’t worry if you see a sign that says “SOLD OUT.” Chances are it’s only sold out at the current price tier. Just check back later and you’ll usually see more in stock!

There’s plenty more where this came from! Check out the recent interview with Town Star Game Director T. Elliot Cannon from -into the galaverse Live!

The Town Star Bar… We Will Never Forget. #intothegalaverse

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