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10 Ways YOU Can Help Grow the Gala Games Ecosystem

December 3, 2020
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One of the great aspects of the decentralized industries is that anyone can help a project grow. No longer do you need to depend just on one team to help spread the word about your favorite projects. Here is a list of how you can positively contribute to the Gala Games Ecosystem as a Gala Gamer!

(in fact, this whole Medium post was submitted to the Gala Games team by a member of the community! Thanks!)

Be Involved!

A strong community builds confidence in those on the outside looking in, growing a great community is one of the most important aspects of any project, especially for Gala Games. One of the simplest but most impactful actions you can do is being involved in the Gala Community via Discord, Telegram, or Reddit. Helping users with questions, or generally adding to the conversation helps to build the community — every little bit counts. Even if you don’t have much time, welcoming new members has a long and lasting positive impact. Nothing shows how welcoming a community is better than multiple people welcoming new members. This sort of engagement shows newcomers that the community is active and highly involved.

Express Your Opinions

Constructive feedback is essential to the Gala Games Ecosystem. Discussing your opinions on the Gala Games Discord ( not only provides great ideas, but lets the team know if they’re headed in the right direction. A great example of this was the node distribution, as many members of the community helped re-shape the way NFT’s were distributed through the Gala soft nodes.

Ensure Information is up-to-date on Data Aggregators and Portfolio Trackers

There are numerous Data Aggregators like CoinGecko, or Portfolio Trackers like Blockfolio out there. Check to ensure that $GALA is on them and the info is correct. If it isn’t, provide them with the correct information to be updated. Most of these providers do not require a team member to update simple information that is public. However if they do require a team member, that’s ok too, let the team know on Discord, Telegram, or send them an e-mail or create a ticket.

Team Comment: YES! This is a huge example of how you can help! There are SO MANY different apps and websites out there, that it is impossible for any one person to stay on top of them all, especially when localized or non-English sites are mentioned. Help us by getting $GALA added to these platforms.

Create Your Own Marketing Campaigns

Creating your own marketing campaign with your referral code to share with your friends can be an extremely effective way to bring people into Gala, and all they have to do is play games! There have been several community members who have been quite successful in their marketing campaigns by simply letting others know within their Facebook groups, other chat rooms, or forums they frequent. The important thing to remember here is to remain respectful and to not create spam. A few community members have even created paid marketing campaigns to great success.

Add GALA to a Decentralized Liquidity Provider

When the $GALA token was first released, within hours, the community created the UniSwap ETH/GALA liquidity pool on their own, however UniSwap isn’t the only liquidity provider out there. Creating different liquidity pools is important for keeping a well balanced and decentralized system for $GALA. Other pairings/liquidity pools out there that could use more liquidity or be created are:

  • 1inch
  • AAVE
  • Balancer
  • Bancor
  • BurgerSwap
  • SushiSwap

Write something. Anything.

Write an article, this can be anything from your experiences with Gala Games, what Gala is about, or a play through guide, to how-to articles (playing games or getting $GALA), and other documentation that new users may need to know about getting into the Gala Games Ecosystem. A great example is our site,, a community driven initiative to create a guide on playing one of Gala’s most popular games, Town Star.

Post your Experiences Online

Post on social media about your experiences with games in the Gala Games network and keep your family and friends up to date! Let them know about any new Splinterlands cards you’ve received, share your Town Star progress, or screenshots of your Town Star town with them. Create a friendly challenge with your family and friends to do better than you. Don’t forget to tag Gala Games (@GoGalaGames) on whatever platform you are using!

Meet Up!

There are many blockchain meets being held around the world, these can usually be found at, if you’re not the shy type, speak about Gala Games at your local meetup and how it can change the face of gaming and blockchain. Encourage everyone to take action and become involved.

Make Videos

Be a YouTube star and make videos talking about Gala Games. As one of the largest search engines other than Google, the more Youtube content that is available, the easier it is for people to find the Gala Games Ecosystem. These videos can be based on your opinion of Gala Games, your thoughts on the latest updates, play through guides, or even just you playing the game and offering your commentary.

Create Fun and Shareable Content

Create any kind of positive reinforcement material, from creating fan made art, images, or even memes. Anything that other community members can share with others to spread the spirit of the community. A popular example is the dancing farmer.

Or the many fan-made videos by Ink Knight: