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Gala Film is Coming

June 6, 2022
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What can Web3 do for the film industry?

The same thing it can do for the gaming industry and the music industry: Everything.

What is Web3?

Web3 is not some trend that people use to manipulate markets for made up tokens, or some flashy but juvenile art project with the latest bells and whistles sold for millions of dollars among the elite NFT upper crust.

Web3 is the next iteration of the internet, plain and simple. You’ll start to hear a lot of today’s Web3 buzzwords less and less (decentralization, blockchain, NFT), and all the beautiful functions behind them will be neatly hidden behind a curtain of convenience that simply empowers users through ownership, like we do.

Web3 is about empowerment for regular people, and empowerment can be boiled down to freedom. As our newest way to bring freedom to more artists, more viewers, and more collectors, we’re pleased to announce Gala Film as a new pillar for Gala becoming the respected global leaders in Web3 entertainment.

What will Gala Film Do?

We’re not going to get into the nitty gritty specifics of how the Gala Film Ecosystem will work just yet, but before too much longer you’ll have the opportunity to peruse the whole economic model with a litepaper before deciding whether or not to get more involved with the beginning of Gala Film.

Much like Gala Games rewards game creators and players, and Gala Music promises to reward artists, fans and supporters, Gala Film will create a win-win-win economy that overcomes several challenges in the film and TV industry today.

  • Easier to get “discovered” — Emerging filmmakers will have new opportunities to monetize their hard work and create ways to reward their earliest supporters.
  • More rewards to those who deserve them — For making it all possible, viewing fans and collectors deserve to earn rewards for content streams, rather than paying. Artists can be rewarded like never before, collectors can be rewarded for collecting, and producers can be rewarded fairly for empowering new artists by bringing them to the platform.
  • Intellectual Property Matters — As a decentralized Film Ecosystem designed to uplift and encourage filmmakers, Gala will always treat the artists’ property with utmost integrity.
  • Create Worlds for Interoperability — We are working toward a Web3 Ecosystem that all works together for a complete entertainment experience like nothing you’ve ever known. When we’re creating movies and bringing new visual art projects to Gala Film, we’re creating new opportunities for music and video games as well, and that’s only the beginning.

Later this week, look for the inaugural Gala Film sale of a digital item called the Film Pass. The Film Pass will only be available in extremely limited quantities and the first 500 are reserved exclusively for Galaverse guests.

We can hardly wait to tell you more about Gala Film!

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