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The Women Behind Gala Music

The Women Behind Gala Music

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At Gala, we’re fostering an inclusive and empowering environment where all individuals can thrive, regardless of gender. In honor of International Women’s Month, we’re celebrating the incredible women who contribute their expertise, dedication, and innovation to our company’s success.

This blog features three remarkable individuals who are shaping the future of Gala Music, joined by the fearless leader of Gala’s powerhouse all-female legal team. Through their prominent roles, these women are making huge waves in the web3 world, working on connections with countless companies and artists, making it possible for the mainstream to learn about the benefits of web3 in a massive way.

Let’s explore their stories and the inspiring journeys that brought them here, along with their unique perspectives on the importance of empowering women in web3 and beyond.

Leila Steinberg, President of Music

With a successful and illustrious career spanning 40 years, Leila Steinberg is not only a brilliant businesswoman, manager, activist, and educator, but she is also a creative force that has been pivotal to the careers of several artists, including rap icon Tupac Shakur and rapper Earl Sweatshirt. Now, she has stepped into the tech arena and is serving as President at Gala Music, a platform that uses blockchain technology to give artists control over their music and provide listeners with an experience that allows them to be more connected to the artists and their merchandise. 

Never in Steinberg’s wildest dreams did she think she’d be an instrumental part of the ever-changing music and entertainment industry. Growing up she actually wanted to practice medicine, but her life’s calling took her in another direction. In the 80s, Steinberg, a Los Angeles native and lover of arts and culture, joined various dance companies and bands as a dancer. Because she’d always been engrossed in social justice, race, and multiculturalism issues thanks to her upbringing (her white Jewish father was a criminal defense attorney, and her Mexican mother was a social activist), she joined a diverse community of people dedicated to educating and making a difference in the lives of local youth. Steinberg began having writing circles and poetry classes and couldn’t help but forge a friendship with an undeniably talented young man who came to one of her workshops – Tupac Shakur. She began helping the fledgling rapper promote his shows and eventually started managing him. It was Steinberg’s guidance and mentorship that would help Tupac go on to become one of the most prolific, influential, and iconic rappers ever. 

“He was a very important chapter of my career and my start in the industry. I was in the transition of going from being an artist to representing artists,” she says. “Managing Tupac never felt like work to me. I didn’t do any of this for business. That wasn’t the intention, but business grew out of it.” For Steinberg, the goal was never to be part of rap and hip-hop or manage artists; she felt she wouldn’t be good at the business aspect. However, her innate ability to mentor and nurture talent and help develop personal brands, landed her in the position of effectively crafting and cultivating the careers of several artists. 

In addition to managing Tupac in the early 90s, Steinberg also managed rappers Ray Luv and Mac Mall. She then served as President of Music for Foster and McElroy and partnered with Hollywood producer and manager Larry Brezner at MBST Entertainment. She soon became a well-known, prominent figure in the music industry, working on million-dollar contracts and spearheading several lucrative deals and projects. 

Around 2021, her goal was to take some time to write a memoir, but after meeting Eric Schiermeyer, CEO and founder of Gala, who had recently formed the music arm of the platform and partnered with Snoop Dogg to help facilitate the rapper’s acquiring of Death Row Records. Snoop dropped his album, “Bacc on Death Row (B.O.D.R.),” as NFTs via Gala, and Steinberg couldn’t help but become intrigued by blockchain technology. She dove in and started learning everything she could about gaming, streaming, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the entire web3 ecosystem and its unlimited potential and possibilities. She suggested to Earl Sweatshirt and a few emerging artists she’d been working with to go over to the Gala and also offered Schiermeyer advice on how to grow the platform. It was only a matter of time before Schiermeyer asked Steinberg to help revamp and build the music team as president of Gala Music. She accepted, and the rest is history. 

“I have learned so much about building this business. I’m dealing with a platform that makes the most sense in the world. A web3 company like Gala is built with community because you have to get a community invested in you. It’s about getting people to look at investing in an artist and being part of the whole journey,” says Steinberg. “With web3, the deals can be unprecedented in terms of what an artist can own and have for themselves. I love the possibility of facilitating a whole new landscape for emerging and established artists.”

As for the future of Gala, there is no telling how successful the company can be. With the fast-moving web3, Steinberg believes that by this time next year, Gala will have launched several careers and have established artists join them. “Artists are attracted to platforms like Gala Music because they can build their own community in this space. We empower artists. You’re not confined to traditional rules as you are with labels. We’re not a record label. We’re just a platform, one that is so wide open. I’m excited that there is this new frontier.” And thanks to Steinberger, the entire executive team of Gala Music comprises all women because it was important for her to ensure women were at the helm of this exciting company. “My experience of working with powerful women has been amazing. We’re stronger communicators, and we naturally adopt emotional literacy. If you want sustainability and to last in this business, it’s essential to have that balance,” she says.

In addition to being a music industry powerhouse, Steinberg is the founder of AIM4TheHeART

a non-profit organization dedicated to working with at-risk youth, focusing on developing literacy and writing skills to help refine their artistic voices. She has also been actively engaged with the California prison system for over 25 years, in which she collaborates with incarcerated people, fostering their hope and shaping their focus for a life beyond their sentences. In addition to this impactful and meaningful work, Steinberg co-teaches the class “Race, Stereotypes, and The Rule of Law” at USC. There’s no doubt that Steinberg was put on earth to profoundly impact the music industry and the lives of countless others she’s touched over the years through her activism, philanthropy, and teaching.

With Leila Steinberg leading Gala Music, the platform is set to revolutionize and transform the music business as we know it. She was destined for this path, and with her tenacity, wisdom, and expertise, she continues to masterfully navigate and thrive in an often fickle, rapidly changing industry. The mother of four and grandmother of three loves her career and wouldn’t change this remarkable journey for anything. “I’ve been able to stay relevant to an extent because I’m more of a listener than a speaker, especially with young people,” Steinberg says. “What I love most about my career is that I can touch people’s lives, make a difference, and advance artists’ roles. I love what art can do for humanity. When people follow what they are passionate about, it creates a way for them to survive doing what they love.”

Sarah Martinico, Music Marketing Lead

Currently serving as the Marketing Lead for Gala Music, Sarah Martinico’s professional fire

is fueled by her passion for marketing strategies and brand partnerships. Between

collaborating with her Gala Music team on projects from creative campaigns to talent

engagement, Sarah takes pride in tackling each and every project from scratch with no

habits of copy and pasting previously executed strategies. Since the launch of her career,

Sarah has demonstrated strength in discomfort through adaptability and trusting her

intuition throughout her professional journey.

The Miami-based maven has always prioritized transparency, consistency, and work ethic

throughout her music industry career journey. Sarah kick started her professional career at

BMG in 2014 working in digital assets and catalog marketing. Supporting over two million

songs across areas including research, sync, and partnerships, Sarah’s expertise has

touched notable names in the industry such as Quincy Jones, Johnny Cash, Def Leppard,

Aerosmith and many more.

From delegating and deliverables to innovation and thinking outside the box, Sarah has

continuously demonstrated her passion to go above and beyond for her recording artists,

their deals and partnerships, and impacting the industry at-large. To date, she notes one of

her biggest accomplishments as developing and designing the first-ever royalty bearing

loops product in history for sale via Avid Pro Tools, which went on to be featured in

Billboard and DJ Magazine.

In January 2023, Sarah took her talents to The Flo Lab, where she secured brand deals,

product placements, sponsorships, and endorsements for A-list recording artists. Through

a partnership between The Flo Lab and Sony Music Latin, Sarah worked with top Latin

artists including Maluma, Bad Bunny, Becky G, Ozuna, Jennifer Lopez, and the annual Latin


With her visionary capabilities and passion for pushing the needle, Sarah launched her own

empire in January 2019 – SL Music & Marketing. Within the past five years, Sarah has

consulted for numerous Grammy-winning producers, songwriters and artists across the

pop, urban, R&B, electronic and latin worlds in marketing, brand deals, catalog

management and project management. From DJ Nelson, CeeLo Green and Timbaland to

BIG3 Basketball & The Power Team, Sarah has expanded her consultation catalog to

music tech, audio companies, NFT/Metaverse companies, music lifestyle events, record

labels and non-profits.

Initially having dreams of working in aerospace, Sarah is a proud graduate and scholarship

recipient of Berklee College of Music and with a Bachelors in Music Production and

Engineering. Driven by her love for music and its power to change the world and its people,

Sarah remains inspired by women leading the charge in all industries and reminding her of

the power that she beholds in her own right. When she’s not running the music industry

with her catalog management and marketing strategies, Sarah enjoys traveling, outdoor

activities, songwriting, and enjoying a good meal.

Chrystal Anderson, Head of Marketing

Chrystal Anderson is a marketing powerhouse responsible for developing successful marketing campaigns for several major music festivals and events, including Coachella and Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw. She is now the Head of Marketing for Gala Music, a platform that uses blockchain technology to give artists control over their music and provide listeners with an experience that allows them to be more connected to the artists and their merchandise. There is no doubt that Gala is guaranteed much success, with Anderson leading its marketing department. And there is also no doubt that the driven, talented, and creative professional is destined for a long, dynamic career.  

The Los Angeles native, who received her degree from UC Santa Barbara, developed a love for music and entertainment as a child. While in college, she garnered experience in her beloved field by booking concerts and music events for the campus all four years. After graduating in 2016, she landed her dream job as a marketing assistant at GoldenVoice (a subsidiary of AEG), the promoter and creator of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival and Stagecoach (California’s Country Music Festival), and operators of Los Angeles and Bay Area music venues including the Roxy Theatre, Regency Ballroom, and Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall.

Over the next few years, Anderson did marketing and brand strategy for a few venues, including the Santa Barbara Bowl and The Novo (formerly the Nokia Theater). In addition to that, she began managing a few musical acts and bands and putting together local live music series. After the pandemic hit in 2020, the world stopped, and live music events were scrapped; Anderson, a resilient and resourceful person, continued working and pursuing her goals. She continued managing acts and began doing brand strategy for a streetwear fashion brand. Later, after the pandemic subsided, Anderson returned to GoldenVoice as part of the festival marketing team, where she worked on Coachella, the Camp Flog Gnaw festival, and Stagecoach, as well as a few smaller-scale local festivals such as Heaven Cruel Word in Pasadena and the reggae hip-hop event called Cali Vibes in Long Beach.

Although Anderson enjoyed working on the festivals and leading their marketing teams, she was always fascinated with technology and innovation. “I’ve always brought those perspectives to what I did in the more traditional marketing world. That intersection eventually led me to join Gala Music,” she says. She had heard about Gala Music through a colleague she’d met in the industry, who told her about a budding partnership with the Web3 music platform. After hearing all about the company and its exciting gaming, streaming, and blockchain technology potential, Anderson was ready for her next career move. “In my opinion, Gala Music is empowering an artist to fan connection like no other platform. They’re also offering opportunities and experiences that are unique for artists. That’s real ownership,” she says.

And that’s why, in January of 2024, Anderson joined Gala as the head of the marketing team. There, she is responsible for content and social strategies and rollouts, analyzing Web3 audiences, and offering insights on letting the world know how Gala is revolutionizing the music industry. “We are creating a narrative around why blockchain technology and the platform is valuable and what makes it attractive to artists and fans. It’s about bringing folks to the platform,” she says. “We want folks to be excited about us. I want to ensure we’re providing utility for the platform, meaning it’s not just this digital space but also this ‘in real life’ space. Music is a very tangible thing. What’s so exciting about being part of Gala is building this foundation and pioneering something that can change the music industry’s direction. I’m honored to be part of that.”  

With artists like Snoop Dogg and Earl Sweatshirt releasing music on the platform, Anderson is extremely thrilled about where Gala is headed. She sees the platform leading the revolution for artists to be in control of their music and art. “I envision Gala as a leader in spreading the value proposition of what Web3 can offer creatives in a way that traditional spaces don’t. We’re on the brink of something. I see more fans and more artists, and bigger established artists, revamping or re-imagining their musical and creative journeys with us,” she says.

Chrystal Anderson is a gifted, ambitious marketing whiz passionately living out her dream in her dream industry — and she’s just getting started. “Music is my blueprint,” she says. “I’m still at the beginning of my career and blessed in that I’ve been able to pivot and be forward-thinking in how I imagine my role in sharing music with the world. I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

Blake Walker, Gala General Counsel

Blake Walker currently serves as the Chief Legal Officer at Gala Games and General Counsel of Blockchain Game Partners, a visionary Web3 entertainment and gaming company. While she is currently one of the youngest Black female chief legal officers for a massive tech company, Blake does not want her sweetness to be mistaken for weakness. As she once said, she “ can turn on the stern when I need to,” but enjoys her naturally friendly nature to be embedded into all areas of her demanding career.

Before launching her law career, Blake fast tracked her academic career with dual enrollment in college and high school studies, allowing her to graduate high school with 60 college credits. At just 18 years old, she entered Pepperdine University as a junior and graduated a year early in 2011 with her Bachelor’s in Journalism. While at Pepperdine, she also founded Women of Color, an organization focused on empowering and mentoring women in the Los Angeles community.

Blake graduated magna cum laude from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2013 with her Master’s in Mass Communications. Thereafter, Blake was named one of ten journalism students selected nationwide for the prestigious CBS Meredith-Cronkite fellowship and continued her education at University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law where she earned her Doctor of Law – JD in 2018. 

During her tenure at USC, Blake received the USC Gould Edward and Eleanor Shattuck Award, which recognized her contributions to the legal industry. Blake was also appointed President of Project Envision Mentorship, where an organization of USC students mentor children and encourage pillars of self-confidence, team-building skills, and the desire to reach their full potential. Furthermore, she served in multiple positions at USC including Director of Communications for the Western Region of the Black Law Students Association; vice president of Black Law Students Association; and first year class representative for her law school class. Blake has also received awards from Langston Bar Association and the Black Women Lawyers Association.

Prior to the legal field, Blake worked in the entertainment and sports industry for almost ten years, including working for companies such as NBCUniversal, the Phoenix Suns, and Lionsgate as they were ramping up on the release of award-winning 2012 film The Hunger Games. Previously, she was an attorney at Nixon Peabody and Hertz Lichtenstein Young & Polk where she honed in on entertainment transactions within the sports and entertainment industries. She is admitted to practice law in California and Arizona. 

Growing up being inspired by her mother’s serial entrepreneurial spirit, Blake was afforded the opportunity to witness humility, work ethic, and community adoration firsthand. Her passion for mentorship stems from wanting others to watch her journey with the same aspirational sentiment as she did with her own mom. Blake fully plants, waters, and gives flowers to the women who came before her to open the doors that she’s been able to walk through over the years. Now, walking by faith in God’s purpose for her life as a God-fearing woman, Blake is able to reach back to the upcoming generation to provide opportunities from networking and introductions to teaching priceless lessons and secrets through the industry.

A self-proclaimed “extroverted introvert,” Blake prides herself in being a “geek” who enjoys negotiating arguments, redlining contracts, and going back and forth with opposing counsel.

Currently a board member of Aim4theHeArt foundation – a non-profit founded by Leila Steinberg centering the development of youth emotional literacy – Blake also enjoys any activity that allows her adrenaline to rush as well as painting, reading, and game nights. Unlike the stereotypical attorney, Blake is bubbly, easy going, and friendly.

These are just a few of the many inspiring women shaping Gala’s future. Through their hard work, dedication, and passion, they are paving the way for generations of women to come. As we celebrate International Women’s Month, let’s commit to fostering a more equitable and diverse tech industry where everyone, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Together, we can create a brighter future for women in technology.

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