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Gala Makes Waves at GameDev Summit 2024

Gala Makes Waves at GameDev Summit 2024

Editor’s Note – The following article was written by Jared Dillenger, the Head of Influencer Marketing and KOLs here at Gala. Reporting back after his highly urgent mission to the Philippines, he details the insights and intel gained while immersed in the thick of innovation at GameDev Summit 2024 – the industry-exclusive main event for the gaming world of the Asian Pacific.

As the head of influencer marketing and KOLs at Gala, I recently had the privilege of attending the GameDev Summit 2024 at Boracay Island. Organized with the support of the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry, this landmark event proved to be a pivotal moment for Gala and the global gaming industry at large.

The GameDev Summit 2024

The GameDev Summit is a professionals-only B2B event that serves as a platform for strengthening the Asia Pacific industry’s position and partnerships within the global video game development community. This year’s summit featured the External Development Summit (XDS) Main Stage, boasting prominent speakers and panelists in collaboration with the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP).

Focus on Industry Diversity

One of the key highlights of the summit was its acknowledgment of the two sides of the industry – external development and indie game development. This approach was reflected in the two tracks offered, addressing the distinct requirements and solutions for each space. The summit provided a comprehensive perspective on the possibilities available to studios, professionals, and advocates in the dynamic world of game development.

Showcasing the Philippines’ Gaming Industry

During my five-day stay at the summit, I had the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of Web 2 studios and companies connected to the gaming industry. The main purpose of the summit was to showcase the significant user base and the abundance of talented game developers in the Philippines. It effectively highlighted the potential for outsourced high-skilled game development in the country, from small gaming studios to multinational companies from across the globe.

Gala’s Presence and Impact

At the summit, I had the honor of representing Gala and promoting the adoption of GalaChain within the gaming industry. I engaged with numerous international gaming studios, introducing them to the funding opportunities available within the Gala ecosystem. This endeavor resulted in establishing 40-50 valuable contacts, significantly raising awareness of Gala and its diverse offerings, including entertainment, gaming, film, music, and GalaChain.

Mentorship and Learning Experience

Furthermore, I had the privilege of being mentored by Jeff Espejo, the Vice President of Blockchain at Gala. His wealth of experience and guidance has provided me with invaluable insights into the intricacies of the crypto business world. Being around such an experienced person has been instrumental in my professional growth and understanding of the blockchain industry.

Content Creation and Future Endeavors

Throughout the summit, I actively documented my experiences and interactions, creating engaging content to share Gala’s mission and vision. The overwhelmingly positive reception further solidified my commitment to continue attending similar events worldwide, fostering valuable connections and amplifying the presence of Gala on a global scale.

My experience at the GameDev Summit 2024 was not only enriching but also instrumental in advancing Gala’s presence within the gaming industry. I look forward to leveraging the momentum gained at the summit to further the reach and impact of Gala in the dynamic world of gaming and entertainment.

As an editorial, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this article, awesome as they are, are those of Jared Dillenger and not of Gala.