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The Walking Dead: Empires – New Leaderboard Events

The Walking Dead: Empires – New Leaderboard Events

Attention, survivors!  New additions to The Walking Dead: Empires are about to make the fight to survive the apocalypse more challenging – and exciting – than ever before!

Introducing Weekly Events

Since the launch of our Public Development Build, you’ve had the chance to carve out your own corner of  The Walking Dead Universe, and begin to build your empire. But, as any fan of the AMC series will tell you, success in this world can be fleeting… and safety is always temporary. 

Starting this June, weekly events will begin rolling out in The Walking Dead: Empires that will test your skills and challenge your dominance of the wasteland. . With high risk, however, comes high reward: At the end of each event, the top 200 players on the leaderboard will receive valuable in-game prizes! So make sure you participate each week, and stay on top.  

June Event Overview

There are four weekly events planned for June:

  • Week 1: Deadland Scavenge
    Search far and wide to gather as many rare resources as you can to claim the top spot.
  • Week 2: Build the Future
    Put all those resources to good use! This week you’ll need to craft like your life depends on it to climb the leaderboard.
  • Week 3: Survivor’s Trial
    You’re no background character;you’re the hero of this story. Gain the most XP of all your peers, and watch as your character’s power grows alongside your position on the leaderboard..
  • Week 4: Walker Wipeout
    An all-out undead slaughterfest. Destroy as many walkers as you can to prove your ultimate post-apocalyptic dominance..

The first event will begin on Monday, June 3rd at 5pm PT, and run for exactly one week. Each subsequent event will begin Monday at 5pm PT, with the prior week’s event running all the way through to that time

Deepening the Experience

As we build up to a full-feature launch of the game, your feedback in the Public Development Build has been, and continues to be, invaluable.

To ensure that we provide the best possible experience in the short-term, the events will be starting small. This approach allows us to gather insights from your participation and feedback, and make informed decisions to improve future events.

Our goal is to deliver a deep and engaging experience  that offers exciting challenges and desirable rewards, tailored to you. Let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see more or less of in the future as we continue to grow the game

Survive and Thrive

Incorporating these events means a new version of the game is coming soon, so be on the lookout for a  required update from the Gala Launcher. 

Are you ready to rule the apocalypse? The first of these events begins on June 3rd at 5pm PT. We hope you enjoy, and look forward to even more as we continue to make The Walking Dead: Empires a more thrilling and fun survival experience!