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Legends Reborn–Launch Date Announcement

Legends Reborn–Launch Date Announcement

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In the fantasy world of Tolkheim, peace abounds and battle takes on new meaning. Nearly all disputes can be settled across a card table, through the massively popular game of Chance, which embraces the strange remnant magic of the land’s ancestry. Players go head-to-head in a game that allows the creatures, spells and strategies to come to life in front of them on the table. A Chance player in Tolkheim may speak a big game, but they’re only as good as their deck building strategy.

Legends Reborn allows Gala players to take on the persona of a Tolkheim “warrior,” collecting creatures and actions and using them to build decks worthy of opponents from all over the world. Its immersive and narrative driven gameplay lets TCG lovers go deeper and experience the life within the cards. The brilliantly unique strategy mechanics created by developer Clash Craft Studios will ensure that players live on the edge of their seats, and the power of GalaChain levels up the entire experience to something rich in ownership and reward opportunities.

Legendary Launch

Legends Reborn is set for official launch on Monday, March 11th, 2024. 

Keep in mind that the world of game development is unpredictable, and if last minute bugs appear, we will take the time necessary to squash them. Therefore, additional delays are always possible. Still rest assured that soon you’ll be battling in the taverns and arenas of Tolkheim to your heart’s content and building your best decks.

Ownership Opportunities

Legends Reborn is always free to play, but players can choose to enhance deck building with owned NFT Creatures. Venues are another set of NFTs players can use to engage with the game.

Creatures are a core ingredient to strategy, used in all Legends Reborn deck building. When players own Creatures as NFTs, they will become eligible for seasonal gameplay rewards. Higher rarity creatures amplify the potential seasonal rewards. Look for more info next week when we share the Legends Reborn Litepaper, with all initial game economy details.

This Uncommon Grimtotem Cyclops has his eye on you.

Venues represent the players’ opportunity to own land in Legends Reborn. When matches take place in player-owned Venues, the Venue owner also receives rewards. As several different rarities of Venues exist, these rewards will vary based on Venue rarity.

While the primary Venue sale is concluded, look for more opportunities to become a Venue owner in the future. Or browse the secondary market listings on OpenSea.

This Dive Tavern will generate a modest share of rewards for its owner when PvP brawls take place here.
This Ancient Grand Coliseum is sure to draw a crowd, and a massive share of rewards for its owner for matches hosted here.

Get ready for the TCG challenge of a lifetime, as players all over the world are preparing to go head to head in one of Gala’s most highly anticipated titles.

Next up, the Legends Reborn Litepaper, coming next week.