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It’s GalaChain Hackathon Time!

February 9, 2024
a 48 hour hackathon is coming to the GalaChain Discord community from 2/12-2/14!
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Get ready, developers, because the GalaChain Hackathon is just 3 days away! It’s time to unleash your creativity, push the boundaries of GalaChain’s web3 technology, and build something amazing. Here’s what you need to know:

This Hackathon runs for precisely 48 hours, from 8am PT on February 12th to 8am PT on February 14th.

The Rules

  • Be kind and respectful to your fellow developers.
  • No warranties on the software (it’s still in development!).
  • Standard GalaChain Discord and EULA rules apply.
  • Two judges, Jakub Dzikowski and Jeff Eganhouse, will lead the official evaluation, but the entire GalaChain team will have their say!

The Prizes

Every participant receives an Epic participation NFT. Winning teams get Legendary NFTs in addition to the participation NFT. Bragging rights included!

Getting Started

This Hackathon will be hosted in the GalaChain Discord channel. Find the details at the link below:

  1. Join the GalaChain General Discord chat
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!
  3. Follow the development flow:
  • Initialize a project from a template using the CLI.
  • Start a local environment.
  • Design your app flow using samples and reference docs.
  • Interact with GalaChain using unit tests or scripts.
  • Hack away until you’re happy!

Need Inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Decentralized NFT Marketplace
  • P2P Loan Platform
  • Fractional NFT Ownership
  • Staking and Yield Farming
  • Cross-Channel Swaps
  • NFT-Backed Governance & Voting
  • NFT-Backed Loans & Insurance
  • GalaChain Challenges
  • NFT-Enhanced Open Source Game

Ready to hack? Head over to the GalaChain Discord server –Let’s have some fun and build the future together! See you there!