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Winter in Town Star

December 8, 2021
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You may have noticed that a light snow has begun to fall in your Town Star towns… Welcome to Town Star Winter!

Here you’ll find all the charm and coziness of a real winter wonderland, with none of the snow shoveling, freezing nights, power outages or in-law related nightmares. We aim to please.

Lolli and her Candy Canes

We hope you’ve all been enjoying Lolli, the newest addition to the diverse cast of Town Star characters, and her cute little Candy Shop. It’s no accident that Candy Canes are the very first craft available for that building, and you’ll probably see a Candy Cane related meta adjustment very soon, just in time for the holidays!

Here’s a tasty little teaser for you… If Lolli produces Candy Canes in her shop around Christmas, what kind of new delicious delicacies do you think she’ll craft later on through the year?

There are indeed plans for new candy crafts to hit the scene in 2022! After all, candy is all about variety. We weren’t expecting to get through the whole year with a Candy Shop that crafts only Candy Canes. What would the children think?

Community Art Project Coming Soon

Look for more details later this week on a Town Star Winter Community Art Project.

With the recent success of the creative community activities leading up to yesterday’s Mirandus VOX drop, we’ve decided to put out a community call for Town Star Winter art. This should be a fun excuse to make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and sit down with some paper and your favorite art medium (colored pencils, markers, crayons, pencil, etc.). That’s right people. Memes won’t cut it this time!

’Tis the Season

In this season of generosity and introspection, the Town Star team would like to remind you all how grateful we are for your love and support. Gala Games is gaining worldwide traction all the time and receiving greater attention every single day.

Without the unceasing devotion of our community, especially players of our flagship game, Town Star, we would not have enjoyed this level of prosperity and success. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We hope you are feeling truly empowered by the paradigm shift we are creating together with own-your-experience and play-to-earn gaming. Our holiday wish is that your sense of childlike play has been renewed and rejuvenated, and we can hardly wait to see what wonders 2022 will bring.

We’ll see some of you live in Las Vegas this weekend for -into the galaverse, and hopefully the rest of you will watch the live stream on Monday, December 13th!

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