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Abraham Lives! The Walking Dead: Empires Hero Card Sale

July 4, 2024
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Abraham Ford’s entire life was about service. Service to his country, service to his family, service to those he chose to protect. There’s  little room for celebration in the ruins of the old world, but it’s fitting that we honor Abraham Ford this week.

Abraham’s “departure” from AMC’s The Walking Dead was tragic… but he could live on. Will your empire give him the purpose he’s after?

Abraham Sale Details

The Abraham sale kicks off Friday, July 5th at 6pm PT. All rarities will be available in limited supply. Purchase any Hero Card to step into the combat boots of Abraham as you fight for survival.

The sale for these Hero Cards will continue until supply has run out, or the Card is removed in anticipation of new Hero Card releases. (Don’t worry: We’ll give plenty of warning before removing any Hero Cards.).

These Hero Cards fulfill directly to GalaChain and will be usable in game right away!

Abraham was always ready to serve a cause he believed in. He’s ready to serve your empire.

Deadland Scavenge

This week’s Deadland Scavenge event is just getting started. How is your position on the leaderboard looking?

Next week starts the Survival Stockpile event. Get crafting… your empire won’t build itself!

Salute the Survivors

True survivors are the ones who persist through adversity, just as Abraham never goes down without a fight. In your empire, he can continue his quest for a better future.

Stay safe out there, survivors. Build your empire strong. There’s more to protect against than just the walkers out here.
Head over to The Walking Dead: Empires Store tomorrow to grab a Abraham Hero Card, then strap on your boots and build a new world together.