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The Invader Attacks!

September 5, 2023
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Prepare yourself for the inevitable alien invasion with a live fire exercise in defense of humanity!

The Planetary Union has flourished in the millennia since the settling of the Four Sisters, absolutely unopposed in our dominance of this planetary cluster and larger solar system. This has been the golden age of humankind… but that which is not protected can easily be lost.

The Coming Invasion

In the icy pits of Chione, researchers have discovered numerous relics from an ancient, advanced civilization. In the deep caves of Cacus, ornate halls and glittering treasures leave us hints of a long-dead society that settled the planet in the ages before The Migration.

These planets were devoid of life long before they settled into their current orbits to be colonized by humanity… the echoes of the past, however, let us know that we are certainly not alone in the galaxy.

The presence of a living extrasolar being has never been officially confirmed in the historical record. What will our first meeting with them bring? While we all hope for peace and prosperity, we prepare for the worst.

All Pilots at the Ready!

Tomorrow, September 6th, we will hold a solar system wide readiness test. All Pilots are encouraged to join in the exercise and prove that we are prepared for the inevitable alien invasion. This will take place in a specially designated exhibition space at 11am PT on the US East Server.

DefenseBotV44.89 stands at the ready on the Kuiper Wall. ReconBotV78.92 roams interstellar space, searching for early warnings of incursion. This is not enough! We need the Pilots that make up the heart and soul of this Planetary Union ready to defend what we’ve built.

CommunityBotV466.⍵ has organized a live fire exercise to test the readiness of all Pilots in the Union. His crack team of specially programmed, independently sentient assassin bots have been outfitted with highly classified salvage discovered within a crater near the south pole of Chione. The weapons held by these “Invaders” are beyond the technology of The Planetary Union, and should be engaged with extreme caution.

This is a live fire exercise. Each of The Invaders carries a neutrino pulse rifle capable of putting out over 700,000 Volts in a fraction of a second. Take this seriously… someday, our entire civilization could depend on it.

The Heroes of The Union

Those that choose to stand against the invading menace will be more prepared for what the future brings than other, more complacent Pilots. All participating Pilots will receive the Discord title of “Defender of the Union” to commemorate their dedication to civic duty.

All participating Pilots will be given a special code that can be entered in Discord to get their title…also opening up the chance for them to win a pile of components, totaling up to 2500 Bolts and 1000 Scrap Metal! Five participating Pilots will win this bundle, as just a small way to thank those brave enough to rise against the alien menace!

So get into the arena and warm up Pilots. We never know when The Invaders will strike, so take advantage of this training event!