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Spider Tanks Showcase: Nomad

October 14, 2022
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We’re cruising into the arena today with a few different ways to roll over the competition using the Nomad Body!

Welcome back to the Spider Tanks Showcase! This week we’ll be making a sharp departure from last week’s nimble Flea, and adding a little more power and bulk into the mix.

This week we’re spotlighting the Nomad Body. It may not get around as quickly as a Flea, but it features superior Energy and more than a modest amount of Armor.

Unlike many tanks, Nomad must turn to move in a certain direction. This offers very little difference in terms of actual gameplay, but the feeling of being on wheels rather than legs can be tough for some Pilots to adjust to. The best things are worth it though, as Nomad can excel in certain situations due to its high Energy and Armor. Even with high durability and very high Armor, Nomad definitely can still get moving. Learning the nuances of a Nomad can be difficult, but a true master can use it to gain the upper hand in a lot of matchups.

Mobile Support: Nomad/Repair Artillery

The Nomad’s primary weakness is out maneuvering enemies when it gets in close quarters, so an obvious strategy seems to be to keep your distance. From afar you can take advantage of the Nomad’s high Energy and avoid having anything but open road to worry about.

Health Artillery


Pair up your Nomad with a Repair Artillery and keep on moving in straight lines surrounding your allies. If the enemy wants to stop you from constantly healing your teammates, they’ll have to divert significant firepower to you. A Nomad is pretty tough, and that’s less attention they’re going to be paying to your allies.

You could always try this in assault mode with a Rocket Artillery instead, but there’s a special satisfaction in keeping your team essentially invulnerable as long as you cover them.

Death on Wheels: Nomad/Flamethrower

Nomad is pretty tough, and isn’t the slowest Tank Body around either. You may have some trouble outmaneuvering opponents on occasion, but keep your enemies on the defensive. Then they’ll have to respond to your lead.



With a close weapon like a Flamethrower, you can use a Relay Drone or a Disguise Drone to creep right up on enemy Tanks. With the heavy Armor offered by Nomad, you’ll get quite a chance to harass any nearby opponents before revving up and driving away.

Popping in on your opponents with an unexpected inferno may not take care of everybody, but it’s more than likely to take care of all the ones that can actually catch you as you drive away.

Hold the Line: Nomad/Cannon

Lacking the omnidirectional feel of other tanks, sometimes a Nomad’s best bet is to force the opponent to drive the way they do. If you can bottleneck your opponents, you can control their positioning quite well with Nomad’s mastery of straightaways. Add in high Energy, and Nomad can hold off the opposition for quite a while.

The benefit of Nomad over Titan is the Energy bonus due to non-omni movement.


You’re going to take a hit or two — Nomad has the armor for that. This is about control. If you can narrow your opponent’s field of movement, you can just cruise back and forth to make yourself a tough target to hit while you lay down fire. While we love a good Cannon combo, this can be effectively done with any linear Weapon. (Looking at you Beat Blaster!)

Your Abilities will be what really makes this work. Depending on your team, you could use Turrets to exercise extra directional control over enemy Tanks, grab a Repair Drone for extra durability, or any combo that you like. A Nomad has high Energy and this strategy is all about slowing your opponent down. You have all the time in the world to use your Abilities.

Nomad Tough

The Nomad may require a little finesse than some other Tank Bodies, but a great Nomad Pilot can do some serious damage. Like any Tank Body out there, the best way to play it is the way that works for you.

Nomads of some rarities are still available in the Gala Games Store today!

That’s it on the Nomad, but we’ll be back again soon with another Spider Tanks Showcase. Next week we’ll be spotlighting the Bandit, so get ready to unmask a few strategies behind this quick Tank Body.

Got builds you love for the Bandit? Want to spread your knowledge for the next generation of Pilots? Let us know what your favorite combos are on Discord or in the comments below!

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