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Spider Tanks May Mayhem | Play Now

April 30, 2022
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Spider Tanks players will have a chance to win a share of $1.5 million in May prizes

It was less than a week ago that GAMEDIA’s Spider Tanks announced the open Early Release of the latest build, giving everyone in the community a chance to experience the epic esports action of Spider Tanks.

Some previous playtests of the game have been restricted to only those who own NFT Tanks. Now, thanks to a small series of rotating free Tanks that cannot be upgraded, even non owners can get in on the action.

Later in May (Date TBA), the no-value TCTESTCOIN test* of Spider Tanks rewards will conclude and SILK will officially begin distribution. Whether or not you own Tanks and plan to take advantage of these early rewards, we think you’ll have a great time competing for various prize pools throughout May Mayhem with Spider Tanks.

*TCTESTCOIN will eventually disappear from all wallets and test upgrades will revert.

May Mayhem Mayhem

The whole community is abuzz with talk of May Mayhem, which promises to be the most concentrated event of rewards ever orchestrated by Gala. The festivities are designed to say thank you to our beloved community.

In addition to the $4 million in total GALA that will be distributed, targeted free NFTs across several titles will reward the holders of specific NFTs all month long.

Play for Keeps

We’re prepared to give out a bunch of GALA to competitive Spider Tanks players each week based on the following criteria. To play the game, just download the Gala Games Launcher on a Windows PC at THIS PAGE.

Week 1 — Beginning May 2 at 9am PT
Total Prizes: $250,000 in GALA
$125k to top 1–2% for Most Matches Played
$125k to top 3–10% for Most Matches Played

Week 2 — Beginning Wednesday, May 11th at 9am PT
Total Prizes: $250,000 in GALA
This competition will consist of a separate daily contest in which players will compete for the highest points earned in a single match. Look for more details coming next week before the week 2 competition begins.

Weeks 3 and 4

We’ll be changing it up for the 3rd and 4th week of May Mayhem, and we’re not going to spill the details just yet. Stay tuned.

Own and Earn

Have you taken a good look at what’s coming for the Spider Tanks economy? As a world class esport with arena-level potential, it will create new opportunities for gamers everywhere to own and earn on their own terms.

May Mayhem is going to be an absolute blast for all the newcomers we expect to welcome into the Gala Games Ecosystem, and we hope they can all realize the positive impact Web3 can have in their own lives.

The Spider Tanks economy thrives on ownership, like any successful Web3 gaming economy. The most effective way to earn real rewards through playing Gala Games is owning property in those games. We are pleased to offer the ability for free players to fully enjoy our games, and in some cases, even unlock relatively small earning potential. Still, economy-driven Web3 games like Spider Tanks are built to primarily reward the owners of in-game items.

If you’re trying Spider Tanks for the first time and loving it, take a look at the items in the Gala Games store, or browse the secondary market at OpenSea. You might find a great deal, and you might find playing and earning utilities to be the perfect reason to start an NFT collection of your own.

We’ll catch you with the next May Mayhem update. See you on the Spider Tanks battlefield!

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