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Spider Friends v2: Let’s Get Friendly

September 28, 2023
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Attention Pilots! Increased rewards for inviting new players to the arena are here!

Do you like explosions? Do you like free Tanks? Do you like at least one other human being?

Well then, you’re going to love the new and improved Spider Friends!

That’s right! Spider Friends is back better than ever. We’ve revamped the system and even upped the rewards for prior participants since the rollout of the Spider Friends system.

Referrers have already received their free Components and a critical Honor boost, and soon they’ll get a shipment of free Tank Parts for helping spread the word of the arena.

Celebrate friendship with the new Spider Friends referral system!

New Spider Friends Incentive Details

Just as before, the system rewards users for referring new players in multiple tiers. You can get your unique code to refer new players at Each player who signs up with your code will need to achieve 10 wins before they count towards your total.

Tier 1: Refer One Friend

Common Captain’s Hat Prop

Tier 2: Refer Five Friends

  • Common Maul Body
  • 100 Honor (New!)
  • 1000 Bolts (New!)
  • 10 Arachnium (New!)

Tier 3: Refer 10 Friends

  • Common Bouncer Weapon
  • 200 Honor (New!)
  • 2000 Bolts (New!)
  • 20 Arachnium (New!)

Tier 4: Refer 25 Friends

  • Common Tiger Hero Tank
  • 300 Honor (New!)
  • 5000 Bolts (New!)
  • 50 Arachnium (New!)

Tier 5: Refer 50 Friends (New!)

  • Rare Tiger Hero Tank (New!)
  • 300 Honor (New!)
  • 10,000 Bolts (New!)
  • 100 Arachnium (New!)

Spider Friends Drawing (New!)

Each two referrals who achieve 10 wins will get you an entry into the Spider Friends Drawing, where one lucky Spider BFF will win an Epic Tank combo!

Please note again that all new rewards have been granted to previous participants in the Spider Friends program as well. Enjoy — you deserve it! This includes drawing entries, and next month’s drawing will reflect all referrals up to that point since the introduction of Spider Friends.

Let the Friendship BEGIN!

So what’s up Pilots? You feeling friendly yet? HumanEmpathyBot37v4.2Σ1’s conclusion was that at least 78% of you would feel a deep longing to go experience thrilling yet isolated destruction in the arena with other human friends.

This, of course, is the desired outcome. Your Planetary Union needs you to go forth with compatriots and unabashedly destroy the hard work of Union factories in the arena for the benefit of Union factories. Fun is highly encouraged.

As humans are widely theorized to be naturally social animals, cooperation and mutual bloodlust in the presence of another human with whom you already share a close bond should be enjoyable and elicit positive chemical releases within the human brains involved. The addition of rewards will hopefully further encourage both destruction and recreation of multiple humans together!

Grab your unique code at today and shout it from the rooftops! If you lack a rooftop, electronic communication will suffice.

Best of luck human Pilots and human Pilot friends!

Share the destruction. Share the love. Share Spider Friendship!