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Patch 1.2.0 Is Live!

April 26, 2023
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Daily and Weekly Missions, more control for Pilots and Captains, and much more enter the arena in this latest Spider Tanks update.

The arena has been updated, and we’re excited for everyone to see what’s awaiting them!

There’s tons of new features and fixes in this latest build. Not only has the arena been streamlined with the latest tech and fixes, but you could say that it’s now officially ready for some serious MAYhem.

Patch 1.2 has already been deployed and is live right now. This patch hunts down a few bugs and improves gameplay like always, but also comes with some exciting new content that we know many players have been eagerly waiting to see!

New Features

In this build, Pilots and Captains alike can engage with long-awaited Custom Contracts for their Drop Pods. Using this, a Captain can set up another player as the designated Pilot for the Tank that has been placed in their Drop Pod. They can also set a custom VP share from battles that’s acceptable to both the industrious Captain and the hard-working Pilot.

Captains will also be able to set a minimum Elo for their Tanks in Drop Pods. While setting this high will ensure that only more accomplished Pilots with higher Elo multipliers drive your Tanks, too high may result in your Tank Parts getting into less matches every day. Decide carefully what your standards will be.

The Pilot Program isn’t the only update in this patch. Players will now find that Daily Missions and Weekly Missions are available in-game. Complete these specialized tasks and take some extra Components home to your Garage.

These Missions assign you a wide variety of tasks to complete within the designated time frame. Each Mission shows you its potential reward as some extra inspiration to skitter across the finish line.

You’ll also now receive increasing Daily Login Rewards each day you continue to come back to the arena for another brawl. Practice doesn’t only perfect your skills anymore, it could also help improve your Tanks over time.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Several small improvements have been made throughout the game. A Discord button now shows on the main menu so that players can easily find the Spider Tanks Discord community. Once players find the community, they can make use of a newly improved Discord Rich Presence which now shows more info while you’re playing Spider Tanks.

Some players have noticed there’s not always a lot of time during the matchup screen, and users that connect slowly may not get a chance to see their opponents… or not have much time to choose Abilities. We’ve added some additional time to the waiting and Ability selection screens to make sure that everyone has a chance to fully prepare for battle.

Numerous small fixes have been made throughout the game to improve players’ experiences. Most of these will be hardly noticeable to most players independently, but overall this moves us towards a more bug-free Spider Tanks arena… except for Fleas of course!

Some larger highlights that players may be interested in are:

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused teams to use the wrong colors.
  • Fixed chosen Abilities not being used when reconnecting to a match.
  • Fixed Abilities appearing in wrong positions on Ability Picking screen.
  • Fixed several Ability picking screen issues in Exhibition.
  • Fixed assisted self-kills sometimes not counting.
  • Fixed some Ability effects spawning in weird places.
  • Fixed turrets sometimes being invisible after joining a game in progress.
  • Fixed land management vault fill percentage not being displayed correctly.

We’re very excited to see these changes implemented. These fixes are already live now!

Can You Feel the Mayhem?

This close to May, there’s definitely nothing that we’re dropping hints about here… but we have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be absolute MAYHEM in Spider Tanks.

With this huge quality of life boost for both Pilots and Captains and an entirely new Mission system, we’re sure that Spider Tanks is ready for whatever seasonal festivities may happen around here this time of year.

We may have already said too much. No time to talk more about upcoming events now… you’ll just have to stay in suspense a little while longer.

We’ve got work to do in the arena anyway. We’ll see you in there!

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