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New Town Star Barter Stations

November 18, 2021
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Gala Games was thrilled to hear of the recent listing of TOWN on OKEx, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

To celebrate this historic big step for the play-to-earn token of Town Star, we have decided to team up with OKEx to bring an exclusive new co-branded NFT building into the game. This beautiful building (the first of its kind) will stand as a symbol of cooperation between Gala Games and OKEx.

In a special giveaway for early participants in the new listing, 100 Barter Stations will be given to both new and existing members of the OKEx community who deposit TOWN in the first week following the listing. More details about the giveaway promotion can be found HERE. Barter Stations have also been distributed to 10 Founder’s Node operators via our provably random NFT distribution algorithm.

United States residents are not eligible for this giveaway, and OKEx products are not available in the United States.

The OKEx Barter Station will NOT be for sale in the Town Star store, but in the future, we will likely release new non-branded buildings with similar functions in the store.

The Barter Station

The Barter Station introduces an entirely new functionality into the Town Star game: The ability to trade 1 basic resource for another.

Sugarcane goes in, and 1 of 3 different resources come out. The building can be set to either Wheat, Cotton or Wood. Once set, every 2 units of Sugarcane will be traded automatically for one unit of the output resource selected.

Helpful bot OK-3X delivering sugarcane to the Barter Station

Think of the possibilities for this new type of building in the future. If your land is especially effective at producing a certain type of resource, you will soon be able to barter those resources for others that may be harder to obtain in your town. Hopefully these buildings will allow greater versatility in your towns, making it easier and more enjoyable for new players to start playing to earn!

As you’re playing to earn and generating TOWN on a daily basis, don’t forget that there are TOWN exclusive items available in the Town Star store. It’s very possible that with the new liquidity added by the OKEx listing, these items will begin to sell more quickly, so don’t wait. Get your Tesla Coils and Solar Panels while you can, and the seasonal Haunted Mansion NFTs will only be available until the end of November.