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New Tank Parts Now Available!

September 22, 2021
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We told you there would be some exciting things coming this week, so without further ado, let’s talk about the three brand new Tank Weapons and three brand new Tank Bodies that are now for sale in the Spider Tanks store!

You can even pick up these new items for an incredible 50% off sale if you’re speedy enough! Go, go, go!

The Weapons

Each Tank Weapon is being sold in 5 rarities, perfectly upgraded to different initial levels depending on the rarity — Common = L1, Uncommon=L6, Rare=L12, Epic=L18, Legendary=L24!

Cannon — The cannon will be an instant classic and a reliable weapon for any Spider Tanks contender. Using one of the most popular weapons throughout history (the cannonball), this armament can fire either a single shot or a burst of several quick sequential rounds.

Repair Artillery — This unique and incredibly useful weapon will give players a chance to repair allies’ Tanks in the heat of battle. It can also cause damage to enemy Tanks, but it’s far more effective as a defensive weapon.

Flamethrower — The Flamethrower is a close range weapon, but a highly destructive one that sprays a blanket of flame over a wide angle. Additionally, it continues to damage targets after the initial hit, as the flames cause catastrophic meltdown and wreak havoc on your enemy’s hardware.


The Bodies

Each Tank Body is being sold in all 5 rarities, coming perfectly upgraded to different initial levels depending on the rarity — Common=L1, Uncommon=L6, Rare=L12, Epic=L18, Legendary=L24!

Bandit — The Bandit will quickly become one of the most frustrating tanks you’ll see in battle, unless you’re the one in the pilot’s seat! This incredibly quick Tank sacrifices some health for its excessive quickness, but sometimes avoiding attacks is the best route to victory.

Junker — The Junker is a delightfully balanced Tank whose health, power and speed are all average. Don’t let the name fool you. This Tank is sure to land your enemy’s Tanks in the junkyard!

Nomad — The Nomad is a beast of a tank that packs quite a wallop. Although some potential speed is sacrificed for health, this stout Tank body can take a lot of damage.



Here is a rundown of how pricing will increase for these Weapons and Bodies as they progress through the 10 Tiers, each Tier consisting of 10% of the total supply.

Remember that all pricing is based on rarity as well as Tier, and there are 5 different rarities of each of the 6 Tank parts in this sale.

Notice that early birds will save 50%!!!

Tier 1 — 50% off original price!
Tier 2 — 
original price
Tier 3 — 
original price +25%
Tier 4 — 
+additional 25% of original price
Tier 5 — 
+additional 25% of original price
Tier 6 — 
+additional 25% of original price
Tier 7 — 
+additional 25% of original price
Tier 8 — 
+additional 25% of original price
Tier 9 — 
+additional 25% of original price
Tier 10 — 
+additional 25% of original price

New Spider Tanks Website

The brand new Spider Tanks website has been launched with this presale, in preparation of the closed Beta test beginning soon!

Here’s a special hint (your reward for reading this far): The next closed Beta test will begin VERY SOON, and it will be open only to those with Tanks. A Tank means either 1) a complete purchased Tank, or 2) a Body and a Weapon.

Spider Tanks is just getting started. Keep your eyes on the Gala Games Discord, the Spider Tanks blog, and the Spider Tanks store, because there is a huge wave of excitement headed your way.

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