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New In Town — Nikole Tesla — VIDEO

November 3, 2021
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She’s almost here. She may not be the hero you expected, but she’s the one you deserve. Nikole’s Great Great Grandfather may have been ahead of his time with ideas and inventions of wireless electricity in the late 1800s, but Nikole Tesla is right where she belongs: At the shocking edge of a 21st century energy renaissance.

We have been waiting patiently to reveal this incredible video. We have resisted the temptations of the leakers, as well as the pokes and prods of the most enthusiastic members of the team… you know who you are.

Now without further ado, feast your eyes on a quick video as hot as any live wire.

…And now (to your frustration and dismay) we will NOT yet reveal the time and date of the Tesla Coils’ release. Rest assured that they are coming SOON.

Don’t miss the LIVE Town Star Dev Stream —Friday, November 5th at 12pm PT, featuring the following members of the Town Star team…

Director T. Elliot Cannon
Art Director Warren Marshall
Community Lead Carrie Allen
Writer Chris Roberts

Get ready… They’re coming!

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