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Level up the Luxury

March 11, 2023
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With the most luxurious NFTs you’ve ever seen, Corrupted Luxury Packs are dropping soon!

Sometimes life is tough, but you can always treat yourself to a day of relaxation and luxury.

Sometimes Town Star is tough, but you can always pamper your gameplay with a Legendary Luxury Pack… Wait until you see what’s inside.

What’s Inside the Corrupted Luxury Pack?

This Legendary Pack contains a single playable NFT from the following collection of new items:

Ancient Corrupted Stands — Don’t worry, their corrupted powers are bound to work out well for you. These passive resource stands have a massive radius of 6 tiles each.

The chance of pulling an Ancient Corrupted Stand from your Luxury Pack is 15.8%.

These are game-changers. Imagine the possibilities.

  • Corrupted Cocoa Stand
  • Corrupted Cabernet Grapes Stand
  • Corrupted Chardonnay Grapes Stand
  • Corrupted Pinot Noir Grapes Stand
  • Corrupted Peppermint Stand
  • Corrupted Pumpkin Stand
  • Corrupted Limestone Stand
  • Corrupted Chromium Stand
  • Corrupted Silica Stand

Legendary Luxury Storage — These larger-than-life storage buildings will each store up to 150 of their respective resources, and they cast NO shade. The chance of pulling one of them from your Luxury Pack is 84.2%.

  • Luxury Energy Storage
  • Luxury Cake Storage
  • Luxury Wood Storage
  • Luxury Uniform Storage
  • Luxury Mineral Storage
  • Luxury Milk Storage
  • Luxury Sugar Storage
  • Luxury Oak Wood Storage


Everyone who purchases a Corrupted Luxury Pack in March (UTC time)will also receive a Rare Pottery Shop NFT.

The Rare NFT Potery Shop is immune to Dirty, which normally has a massively negative effect on the Pottery Shop. Rare Pottery Shops are NOT limited to one per account. One will be awarded for every Legendary Luxury Pack purchased during March.

Pottery Shop NFTs from this bonus will be distributed some time in April.

For Founder’s Nodes

Active Founder’s Node operators will receive 4% of the total minted supply of each NFT. Therefore, 2 of each Ancient Corrupted Stand and 12 of each Legendary Luxury Storage will be distributed randomly to active Founder’s Node operators.

Sale Details

  • Begins on Monday, March 13th at 11am PT
  • While supplies last
  • Price: $350 — payable in GALA or TOWN

Enjoy the luxury building privileges, and keep your skills honed… A bright new day is dawning for Town Star and there are endless exciting things on the horizon.

Thank you for being part of our incredible community!

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