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Legacy – Show ‘Em Who’s Boss in Design Competitions

June 27, 2024
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With Legacy, success is a game. If you can think like an entrepreneur, successfully designing and shipping products with the help of a well-managed workforce, you may just have what it takes to excel in a Legacy Design Competition!

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Design Competitions – Gems Making Gems

Don’t let the relaxing feel of Legacy fool you. This game is a cutthroat strategy competition of time and resource management. Everything is laid back until that competition starts, then it’s all about the bottom line. You’ll be riding your workers hard and clicking for all you’re worth.

It’s all about the Gems, baby. It is only with Gems that you can enter Design Competitions, which are the only way to secure precious Legacy Tickets that convert to $GALA rewards.

Gem Packs are sold in varying quantities in the Gala Games store to ensure you always have the ability to jump on a Design Competition when you’re prepared to crush it! 

As you advance through the game and build your business empire, you’ll unlock the ability to compete at higher leagues, where the prizes increase (but so do the Gem entry costs)!

Unlocking Design Competitions

Don’t worry! Your benefactors will not let you compete in a Design Competition until you’re ready, but once you’ve unlocked participation in your first competitions, you better not miss out!

Once you’re eligible to compete, you’ll see a notice up top informing you of the type of competition that’s coming up with a countdown until it begins.

There are two main focuses for Design Competitions in the early stages of Legacy:

  1. Most Sales

In this type of competition, you’ll want to create a product that moves quickly, regardless of how much money you’ll make with each sale. Sometimes it’s all about proving to the clientele that you can keep up with their demand– Do that and you’re destined for big bucks in the biz world!

  1. Most Revenue

These contests are all about bringing in cold, hard cash, no matter how complex the items you’re selling. This is when you can really push your entrepreneurial creativity to its limits to design some extravagant and expensive products. But be careful, speed also matters and you’ll want to strike a balance!

Limited Market

One of the easiest oversights for a new Legacy player that can cost you prizes is the market for your products. Check it out!

Once you’ve designed a product in your Factory’s Design Board, you’ll always have a limited market to work with before the demand runs out. A “Market Left” of 40 units may seem like a lot, but keep the following points in mind when you get rolling with a good product:

  • You’ll always be selling two units at a time, no matter your product, so think of 40 units as 20 sales.
  • When you’re effectively selling one product, be thinking about maximizing your next one.
  • Make sure your workers are getting enough rest to stay productive when it’s time to switch.
  • Most Design Competitions are an hour long, meaning you’ll have to shift products more than once!

Designing and selling with streamlined efficiency isn’t just a game of rushing. It’s about endurance and stamina as well. Make sure that you’re managing your build attentively, backing up your workers with your mouse play the whole time if you can. Don’t assume that just because they work without you that they don’t need you!

Good luck in your upcoming Design Competitions with Legacy!

If you haven’t played this awesome and unique game yet, we encourage you to give it a try. You can play either as a landowning Guild Leader (browse secondary market land here), or a Legacy Key player in someone else’s Guild. Either way, we think you’ll love it!

What are you waiting for? Time to build that Legacy!

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