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Introducing the Town Star Home Page

October 12, 2021
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There has been tons of excitement around Town Star over the last few weeks, especially as we have launched early access TSP2E and introduced the world to the new reward token, TOWN.

Behind the scenes, we have been creating a website that will soon become the hub for all things Town Star. As of today, the site is live at Check it out!

Not only will this page be a great resource for the millions of brand new players we are anticipating over the coming years, but it will also be a continually useful reference for Town Star veterans.

Strategy Guides

One of the most important reasons for this website was the addition of strategy guides focusing on different aspects of the game. Initially the site is populated with 14 strategy guides, but dozens more are still to come. They will be added gradually over the coming weeks.

These strategy guides are designed to point newer players in directions that will allow them to learn and love Town Star as much as we do. Most of them do not contain incredibly detailed information, but we are confident that they are exactly the kind of instruction manual style info that 99% of new players are after.


Latest News

The Town Star blog will be gradually transitioning from here on Medium to the new Town Star website, where it is all presented with a charming small town newspaper theme.


In the Gameplay section, you’ll find articles that explain the basics of Town Star, from descriptions of the Weekly Competition Server, to rundowns of game controls and how to access building features.

Almanac (Coming Soon)

The Almanac is a work in progress that will chronicle past Town Star information. This will include past competition winners, details of meta changes, and possibly give examples of play-to-earn reward values.

It is our hope that the Town Star Almanac will become an essential catchup for devoted Town Star players, as well as an interesting and fun read for those who are new to the game.

Thanks to our amazing community for all your support. We have huge plans for not just Town Star, but the entire Gala Games ecosystem, and we hope you’re all enjoying the ride!

Check out the new site at, and join the discussion in Discord!