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Here Comes Solar Power!

October 4, 2021
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In celebration of our highly anticipated early access launch of #TSP2E, we’ve released some brand new playable NFTs in the Town Star store!

Today we’re happy to announce a new player-owned piece of Town Star gameplay that lots of community members have asked for over the last several months: Solar Panels!

That’s right. The clean, passive energy for which solar arrays are best known is coming to Town Star! Solar Panels are now available in 3 different rarity levels, and here’s what you need to know.

Available ONLY for TownCoin

These three items represent the first utility for the new token, and can only be purchased for TownCoin. This will give you an extra incentive to join in the early access launch, as well as something to work toward as you accumulate TownCoin.

Because TownCoin cannot yet be purchased on any exchanges, we understand that many of you will not have enough TownCoin in your wallet for days, weeks, or longer. Where better to spend your first earned TownCoin than the Town Star store, on an exclusive item that will make playing to earn even easier in the future?

Solar Panels will Make your Game Easier

Think about it. These things are a lot like Power Plants, but without the hassle of building and completely free of pollution. Owning Solar Panels will make tons of essential Town Star processes more simple: Gasoline production, Lumber milling, Cake baking, Yarn spinning and more.

You’ll have the luxury of instantly picking up and replacing your Solar Panels wherever they are needed, allowing you to completely shift the production focus of your town in just a few short moves.

Solar Panels on

Solar Panels Reduce your Storage Needs

When you take full advantage of passive energy, you’re freeing up Warehouse space to leave room for more important (and more valuable) goods. When that passive energy is easily moveable and on-demand, it becomes possible to entirely eliminate the need for energy storage. This saves a ton of worker time and wage money, letting you to produce the most important goods more quickly.

Here they are in the Town Star store!

Solar Panels are Eligible to Earn TownCoin

Just like all placeable NFT Town Star items, the new Solar Panels can earn daily rewards in TownCoin simply for being owned and placed in the game. As long as you have enough Gala Power and complete the daily challenge, you’ll be able to claim TownCoin daily for each NFT placed.

Don’t forget that potential TownCoin earnings are based solely on the current blockchain rarity of an item. This means that the rarer the item, the more TownCoin it can earn. The Legendary Solar Panel array will not only provide the greatest amount of passive energy to surrounding tiles; it will also earn the greatest amount of daily TownCoin! That’s a big win-win!

Pick up some Solar Panels as soon as you pick up some TownCoin, only in the Town Star Store!

Throughout this whole week, we’ll be revealing and featuring various aspects of TSP2E! Keep your eyes on the blog, the Discord community and the Town Star store!