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Galaween is Ending!! Eek!

November 17, 2021
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Many of us wish that Halloween could be celebrated all year, but alas, it’s now time for colder weather and more sparkly holidays are quickly approaching.

Do not fear, because thanks to the smash hit Haunted Mansion NFT, you can keep the Halloween cheer alive in your heart (and your Town Star town) all year long.

The End is Nigh

That’s right. At the end of November, the spooky wonder of the Haunted Mansion will suddenly vanish from the Town Star store in the same way the ghostly Headless Horticulturist vanishes after delivering his pumpkins from the Haunted Porch to the Silo.

That means that you have approximately 2 weeks left as of this post to pick up your Haunted Mansion pieces. There are no guarantees that the Haunted Mansion will be back next year. Who knows? We may decide never to release it again, but go with some new kind of creepy Town Star building instead.

The Haunted Mansion

For you vampires who missed Galaween because you slept right through it in your cozy coffins, the Haunted Mansion is the first custom build modular NFT in Town Star. That means that you can build it in any formation you like, from a row of terrifying Haunted Graveyards to a labyrinthian Haunted Fortress of towers.

We’re certainly going to miss sharing this GIF for the next year!

Each piece of the Haunted Mansion provides passive oil to surrounding industrial buildings, and the Haunted Porch also produces pumpkins on a timer.

Additionally, every one of these items (as a player-owned NFT) allows you to potentially earn TOWN daily in TSP2E, as long as you complete your Daily Challenges and have the appropriate Gala Power level.

Hurry and get your Haunted Mansions while you still can! Once there’s room in the Town Star store, we’ll be almost ready to bring in the next exciting and sweet round of seasonal NFT fun!