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Experiments with Gasoline — Update

October 28, 2021
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We hope you’ve all enjoyed the extra gasoline storage and additional supply for the past couple weeks. As we said before, this change was only temporary, designed both to gather data surrounding the new player Town Star experience and to allow existing players to freely experiment with different types of builds.

We hope you learned something that will help your game during this time. We certainly did! Now it’s time to revert that change back to the original 40 units of gasoline and Fuel Storage limit of 40 units. Read on to learn why.

A Game of Strategy

As you know, at Gala we love games. Above all, Town Star is a strategic game of planning that should be as challenging as it is rewarding. As we have said before, the gasoline challenge is one of the most central strategic challenges in the game. Everyone must accomplish this unifying goal in order to keep up with expansion and compete with other players.

We are confident that our players are as passionate about gaming as we are, and we have always pledged to put the games first. We’re giving you back the gasoline problem, but we’ll also equip you with the resources to solve it for yourself.

Even with the changes brought in by the addition of TSP2E, the central goals of Town Star remain the same. Players must build, produce, grow and expand. To unlock play-to-earn rewards, each player must complete a Daily Challenge. While that challenge is currently fairly simple (Earn 1000 Stars), it will soon become more complex, changing on a daily basis and involving more difficult goals. To continue accomplishing these goals, players must learn how to overcome the basic obstacles of the game. The most important of these obstacles is the difficulty in producing gasoline to fuel all your expansion.

Parallels to Blockchain

Whether you are new to blockchains and cryptocurrency or an old veteran of the space, you have certainly noticed that there is always a cost. The Ethereum Virtual Machine with which we’re all very familiar has its network fees, which are more commonly known as “gas.” No one loves these network fees. In fact, Gala Games is working hard on the development of long term solutions to the blockchain “gas problem.” We view this problem in the same way that you may view the gasoline challenge in Town Star, and like you, we intend to solve it through our passion for strategy gaming.

Some blockchains call them transaction fees, while others call them gas. For others, they are resource costs or power. No matter the label, the obstacle is the same. Just as you must produce gasoline to deliver your Town Star goods, there is always an energy cost for blockchain transfers.

Since this idea of blockchain “gas” draws such an appropriate parallel to the Town Star gasoline challenge, we feel it is important to keep that challenge in our minds and our strategies. While we have plans to solve the blockchain gas challenge by minimizing fees and creating our own blockchain with fast and easy transactions, the challenge will always remain as a central mechanic of Town Star.

Get an eyeful of that gas hoard because it won’t last much longer!

Back to 40

Starting with the new weekly competition on November 2, new players will once again receive 40 units of gasoline as their initial supply. This gasoline will be stored in a Fuel Storage unit whose maximum capacity is 40.

We are currently rethinking and rebuilding the first time player experience to help guide newcomers toward learning these lessons easily and effectively. We are building written and video guides that will help with not only the gas challenge, but many others as well.

Good luck out there on your Town Star builds. Hopefully you’re all taking advantage of #TSP2E by playing with owned NFTs and completing your Daily Challenges!

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