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RingWatch: EPX Season 4 Recap

June 18, 2024
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Great battles have been fought. Some won, some not. In Elysium, however, neither victory or defeat are forever. The paradox goes on, and great warriors must once again vie for power and the Ring itself.

What will you change this time? How will your strategy differ? Will you rise or fall?

Alex: I’ve always been more of a fan of rising than falling… but maybe that’s just me.

Emma: Yes, success is sweet. I will choose that one.

Alex: Wise as always Emma. You have any epic battles worthy of song this time? 

Emma: Certainly, pyromaniacal one. Most interesting to you would probably be me bringing down your friend Torsten in one hit at the Dimension Ruins.

Alex: Ooh ho! Indeed, worth of a shanty! Just let me warm up my pipes BWAHAHAHA!!!

Emma: Singing for later, boom man. It is time to review the greatest Captains of Season 4!

Conquest: The Victorious

All great fights across Elysium always end with The Ring. Captains fight across the whole of the world for control of the strange ruins that seem to trap us within this paradox. Warriors leave it all on the field, knowing that every Conquest of The Ring is a do or die moment… their one chance to hold the great power at the heart of Eylsium.

  1. PalafinHF
  2. Anti91
  3. PasinduDE
  4. Bianca
  5. Alp_Er_Tunga

Most Powerful Captains

The true warlords across Elysium build their forces deliberately, steadily and constantly. They cultivate skilled Mercenaries, craft and improve the best gear, and develop their fortress to an impregnable level. Unlike the victorious at conquest, this measure of a Captain’s worth doesn’t take their team into account. Battle Power doesn’t lie. Here’s the top Captains in Season 4:

  1. PalafinHF
  2. DubstepRod
  3. Bianca
  4. HelloWorld
  5. Nerdalicious

Arena Victors

Elite soldiers and numbers may protect you in the field, but the Arena leaves nowhere to hide. Your Mercenaries must fight it out with only their skill, gear and squad tactics. How did your team fare this season? Did you favor the correct warriors, or did you languish in defeat?

  1. PalafinHF
  2. Anti91
  3. PasinduDE
  4. Bianca
  5. Alp_Er_Tunga

Most Honorable Mentions

This season, there were 3 Captains that succeeded against all odds to land in the top 10 of all three competitive metrics. We salute you!

  1. PalafinHF
  2. Bianca
  3. Alp_Er_Tunga

Season 5 Is Coming!

Alex: 🎼I sailed the great sea, searching every wave…

Emma: I still don’t believe that it is singing time pirate.

Alex: 🎶 but there never was enough thrill for me.

Emma: I see that my opinion does not change yours.

Alex: 🎵But then I saw mighty Emma melt down Tor-sten, in bat-tle… in…stant…ly!!!🎶

Emma: Indeed. This song is fair enough, explosion pirate.

Alex: Well thank you Emma. I was a bit concerned that the disembodied voice wasn’t going to give me enough time to fin–

You’re right Alex! That’s all we have time for before we have to get ready for the start of Season 5!

Emma: Shall we place wagers on who vanquishes Torsten first Alex?

Alex: Ohhh, I REALLY like your style Emma. Let’s talk numbers. 

Thanks for a great Season 4 everyone! We’ll see you on the field of battle for Season 5 tomorrow!