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Eternal Paradox | Launch Date Revealed!

November 22, 2023
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Eternal Paradox launches on December 5th with its first 49 day season, and the discounted Mercenary Tome presale begins tomorrow, 11/23 at 3pm PT

The destiny of the continent is at hand, and in only a matter of weeks, the Eternal Paradox begins. The brothers, locked in battle, have awakened the Ring of Ruin, calling forth powerful magic from the beyond.

Only the chosen few can recall the events which led to this apex in time and space and the relentless struggle that would then ensue. Cruel fate has ordained that twin brothers Karls and Shakram must lock horns in a cosmic tangle of violence, in a place outside of time.

It was not their brotherhood that betrayed them, but power and pride on one side, and unforgiveness on the other. Divided loyalties led to divided hearts. The Ring of Ruin does not choose sides; it simply is as it does. As the Mercenaries are gathered together under a new generation of leadership and called by King Karls’ word, there is always something to learn from struggle, cycle and story.

In our world, time marches on, but the Eternal Paradox remains.

The teams at Gala Games and NDream Studios are pleased to announce a December 5th launch date for Eternal Paradox, a first-of-its-kind mobile gaming experience that combines 4X, RPG and web3 ownership in an explosive seasonal masterpiece.

As announced in this blog, tomorrow begins a limited supply sale for first-generation Mercenary Tomes.

Eternal Paradox Store

Each of these Tomes contains enough magic to summon a single Mercenary who will serve you faithfully within the game until transferred to another player.

Players who choose not to own Mercenaries will also have access to play with them in-game, but only owned Mercenaries will enjoy Immortal Stats, meaning that levels and abilities will not reset from season to season.

Pricing and Supply

Until the launch (but only while supplies last) purchasers of Mercenary Tomes will enjoy a massive 30% discount.

Mercenary Tome

Price: $290
Pre-launch Sale Price: $199.99
Supply: 3000

Mercenaries Within

When you open a Mercenary Tome, you’ll receive one of the following ten unique Mercenaries in one of the following four rarities (Blue = Rare, Purple=Epic, Gold=Legendary, Red=Ancient).

Let us know in the comments below or on social media which ones you’re hoping to get in your collection. Winning the battle against time is all about having the right people on your team.

Eternal Paradox Store

Get Ready

There is no telling how quickly this limited run of Mercenary Tomes will last, but if you’re anywhere near as excited about Eternal Paradox as we are, you’ll want to prepare your wallets in advance!

The presale action begins Thanksgiving day, 11/23 at 3pm PT. If you pull an Ancient, you’ll have an extra reason to be thankful!

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