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Join the Battle in Dragon Strike

June 26, 2024
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The battle continues in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG. Have you tried your hand in the battle to regain your kingdom!?

If you haven’t tried Dragon Strike yet and you like RPG or Match-3 games, why not!? Dragon Strike is easy to hop in and get started with and there’s tons of ways to play! 

Today, we’d like to go over some of the gameplay systems within Dragon Strike. As we ‘show you around’, so to speak, remember that Dragon Strike is readily available from both the Play Store and App Store. If you like what you see here, download it and give it a go!

Dragon Strike, in Brief

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG is a game that includes engaging and beloved mechanics from multiple game genres, so it can seem intimidating to people at first glance. Once players get inside, however, they’ll find a lot of the systems quite familiar and intuitive.

Combat within the game takes place primarily in a match-3 style, though your specific team’s skills and abilities play a major role in how that combat plays out. As you match colors, Heroes of the corresponding colors will gain energy to use their powerful abilities. 

There’s no turn-based play… you’ll need to be clever and quick. If your opponent is getting the upper hand, you have your inventory at your disposal. Use it to delay or debuff the opponents, or to buff your troops or do massive amounts of damage.

Regular Events

While Dragon Strike primarily employs RPG and match-3 elements, the regular event cycle adds more of a strategy facet to the game as well. These events are constantly rotating, and will reward you for taking specific actions – such as summoning, recruiting, killing monsters, etc.

The rewards for these events aren’t quite as big as the weekly events, but they add up. The best players will plan their use of resources and time to fit this event cycle. That way, they’re always on top of the leaderboard and pulling in the best rewards.

Your Town

As you play through the game, you’ll be fortifying your base. Exiled from your castle, you’ll need to build up this backwater town into a new seat of power. 

In your town you have multiple plots to build and new buildings will become available as you level. You’ll level up resource buildings and storage, but you’ll also slowly grow your barracks and Dragon Pit to recruit powerful allies to your cause. 

Crucially, you can also access The Summoning Portal from your town. Here you’ll be able to summon new Heroes and Dragons without waiting for them to slowly recruit from the barracks. Combine your recruits and summons to make a powerful team. 

Your Troops

The Heroes and Dragons you summon will fill up your army over time. These units will start out with limited power at low level, but you can level them up by combining them with other like units. 

As you build up Heroes and Dragons that you are less likely to use, combine them with your main team to increase the level of your best Heroes. Beware though, any Heroes or Dragons you use to as fodder to level will be gone forever! 

Once your troops hit max level, you can use promotion items to increase their rank. This increases their stats and starts them back at level 1, where you can grind up their level to even more power! As rank increases, the promotion items required become rarer. You can always find what you need though somewhere in the campaign, dungeons or event rewards! 


The campaign is the ongoing battle to regain your kingdom from the evil Malum. In this mode, you’ll progress through levels in many areas, gradually increasing in difficulty and rewards. 

As you go through the campaign, you’ll notice that each area has three likely drops listed. These are items that are more likely to drop from these areas, though they aren’t the only items that may drop as loot. You can use these favored drops to target farm what you need to grow your army.

Once you finish the campaign against Malum, an entirely new campaign will open with even more challenges. Be aware though – this is the endgame. The difficulty (and rewards) grow quickly here.

Dragon Strike

Dragon Strikes don’t carry the name of the game for nothing. These are serious battles against a series of insanely powerful Dragon bosses with potentially huge rewards.

This is a guild only event. Guilds work together to take down each and every Dragon placed before them. This takes both coordination and strategy. Using up your best items and all your energy early could leave you lacking on the tougher dragons.

Each guild only has a few days to rack up the kills here and rise on the leaderboards!


The other side of the coin from Dragon Strike is the Tournament. This battle will present players with a wide array of battles for different level of Heroes. This battle goes on opposite weeks  from Dragon Strikes, and is more of an individual battle than a guild contest.

Players will wade through each wave of the tournament and be ranked according to the points they achieve. Points come from both clear speed and the size of the largest combo achieved during battle. Climb the leaderboard to get BIG rewards.

Dragonspire Tower

Dragonspire Tower happens between Dragon Strike and Tournament events, and is similar to the tournament, but requires a little more nuanced strategy.

In Dragonspire Tower, you’ll climb through a neverending progression of increasingly difficult battles. Each gives rewards for completing… but there’s a catch. You can’t use the same Hero or Dragon twice.

Guilds offer a MAJOR advantage though, as in Dragonspire Tower you can borrow Heroes and Dragons from other players in your guild to use in a battle. You can only borrow from each member of your guild one time though, so you’ll still have to make some strategic decisions and not use up all your power early!


Dungeons occur on a rotating schedule and have unique waves of enemies with fixed rewards. There’s a large variety of difficulties of dungeons – the occasional “Impossible” dungeons can be punishing until you figure out their strategy, but the rewards are usually worth it.

Each dungeon has rewards for a fixed amount of waves, but you can also continue diving deeper into the dungeon for increasing rewards once you’re done. Each dungeon carries its own leaderboard so you can push yourself to get deeper than anyone else.


The arena is where PvP comes into play in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG. Each player sets a defense team in the arena, then any attacking player can be matched against your defense team which will be played by the computer.

This asynchronous PvP system means that while you get to battle against the teams of your friends and rivals, there’s no long-winded wait for matchmaking. As soon as you enter the Arena, you’re right in the action.

Your rank in the arena depends on both your attacking and defending victories, so it may prove that different teams are better in each role. Experiment with your teams and see what you can make work.

The Gala Games Leaderboard 

The Gala Games Leaderboard is a ranking system that occurs weekly and pulls performance in multiple events into one list of rewards. This is where players can accumulate $GALA for their efforts in the game.

These events rotate weekly, depending on whether Dragon Strike or the Tournament is happening that week. The Gala Games Leaderboard will reward players with points based on the number of NFT Heroes that they use during the relevant events that week. Players will receive more points multiplicatively for each NFT Hero they use, up to a maximum of 5x for a full party of NFT Heroes.

Players will accumulate points for their performance in The Arena, as well as Dragon Strike or the Tournament – whichever happens that week. At the end of the Leaderboard each week, players will receive $GALA based on their rank.

Prepare for Battle

Jump in and get battling today! If you haven’t started building up your army and preparing for the war, what are you waiting for!?

NFT-Ready Heroes can be summoned in game, and there’s plenty of NFTs available on OpenSea or NFT Harbor… but you don’t need to buy anything to hop in and start building your forces! You can download and start playing right away!

Dragon Strike is totally free to play and you can download it from the Play Store or the App Store today.

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