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December Deed Holder Play Test

December 10, 2022
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The Legacy Deed Holder Play Test launches December 12, and will continue all week!

Deed Holder Play Test

Get ready to spend next week building your Legacy.


Monday, December 12th at 7am PT


Friday December 16th at 4pm PT

Packed with Play Test

We can hardly wait for all our Deed Holders to get in the game and start experiencing this latest build for themselves. With a huge variety of specific buildings, a large array of power up cards, and special unique business boosters, the Play Test is packed with plenty of great content to keep you thriving!

Worker houses | Factories | Mines | Refineries | Farms | Smelters | Warehouses | The Dock | The Pub | The Cafe | The Library | The Salon |
The Bank | The Player House | The Trading House | The Research Lab |
The Gem Mine | Plenty more…

Additionally, you’ll get a chance to become acquainted with the fabulous and crucial Town Satisfaction table. As a town planner and business operator, this essential tool has a wealth of data on which you should always keep a keen eye.

Gold Tips

  • Rotate the camera with the Q and E keys or hold the C key and move the mouse.
  • Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel or scroll keys.
  • Launch the game through the Gala Games Launcher — that’s the only way!
  • Pay attention to the tutorials — we know skipping is easy peasy, but you might miss something vital.
  • Drag workers to construction sites and they’ll build for you!
  • See a red balloon? Click on the building! Red balloons require immediate attention.

Silver Tips

  • Once you’ve unlocked the ability to redesign buildings, you can really start to get creative with your town!
  • Take your time on the design table. There is a lot to learn , and we prefer you discover things for yourself.
  • Use right click on a building to open its Info Panel. The Info Panel is very useful to the attentive manager.

Beware of Team Members

Full disclosure. We’re looking forward to this Play Test as much as you. If you see us in an event competing against you, know that we will not hold back. It’s take no prisoners in the cut and thrust world of business!

Deed Holders… Assemble!

In preparation for the big Play Test, join us in the Gala Games Discord community’s #Legacy channel to get your Legacy role. That’s where you’ll find the action during the Play Test throughout next week!

If you’re not a Legacy deed holder yet and you’d like to become one to get in on the December Play Test, there are still a handful of Corporation Deeds available in the Gala Games store. Plus, this is Web3, so you’re always free to check the secondary market in case anyone’s selling!

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