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Kate Nova Rewards and Easier Minting

June 20, 2024
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Greetings Champions! We hope the arena is full of glorious victory for you today.

The time to rack up those wins has never been better, as we’re introducing some sweet savings and an epic giveaway soon!

Improve your Champions, upgrade your gear… and get ready for the opportunity to mint your brave Champions!

Scroll of Minting Sale

While you’re hammering out hard-earned victory after hard-earned victory in the arena, why not get more from your battles?

If you have a standard Champion that you’ve just been itching to mint as an NFT, now is the time! Scrolls of Minting will be available for $39.99 from June 20th at 7pm PT to July 17th at 7pm PT.

These scrolls have previously only been available in pre-packaged shop bundles, and even then only for mobile users. This sale will see Scrolls of Minting added to the shop at the sale price for Gala Games platform players!

Kate Nova Reward

That’s not all that’s coming this month! Get extra items for making purchases for one week.

Starting on June 21st at midnight PT and ending on June 27th at 11:59pm PT, you’ll get rewards based on the cumulative total that you spend either in the Gala Store or mobile shop!

  • $100-$249.99 – Epic Champion Box
  • $250-$499.99 – Kate Nova (Non-NFT Champion) + Legendary Equipment Box
  • $500+ – Kate Nova (Non-NFT Champion) + Legendary Champion Box + Legendary Equipment Box

The Arena Calls

More competition, new Champions, bigger battles, better rewards. There’s always something new coming to Champions Arena. With these events, you can prepare for the battles ahead better than ever.

Don’t forget to grab your Scrolls of Minting starting on June 20th in the Gala Store or mobile in-app purchases! Until then… we’ll see you in the arena!