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April Community Playtest LIVE NOW

April 27, 2023
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The highly-anticipated inaugural Echoes of Empire community playtest is live, but hurry, you only have 5 days to play!

Greetings, Spacefarers! We are excited to welcome you all to the inaugural community playtest through our Community Testing Program! Over the next 5 days we will offer a variety of community events, and we’re eager to see everyone back in the game.

We are excited to hear the community’s feedback and thoughts on the progress made to combat! Please take a look at the playtest info and FAQ channel on Discord for important information. We will be able to share current known issues, the patch notes for this build, and further information on where combat stands today and where it is heading in the future. We encourage everyone to read over this information to avoid submitting feedback or suggestions for items already in progress or planned, and will help keep the feedback more relevant for the team.

There will be a lot on tap for the community during the test as well! We will be offering the opportunity to enter a giveaway via Twitter, for the chance to win a Mark IV ship blueprint NFT. To enter, participants must like and retweet the post above on Twitter, and then join us on Discord to confirm participation. This will gain you a commemorative Discord title and grant you access to the random drawing for the Mark IV blueprint NFT.

The Mark IV

In addition, we will have several other opportunities to win prizes during the event and make your mark on the cosmos. There will be several goals tracked by the team, as well as a community wide goal. You can earn titles, exclusive profile pictures for your social accounts, and an additional chance to win a Mark IV ship blueprint NFT!

To get started with the game and take part in the play test discussion channels, please stop by the playtest-role-request channel and collect the commemorative role for this test!

Stay tuned to our social accounts and the Discord Server for ongoing updates as the activities get underway!