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Exclusive EP Release: Waje’s African Rhythms on Gala Music

Exclusive EP Release: Waje’s African Rhythms on Gala Music

Renowned African singer-songwriter Waje is making waves with her latest release on Gala Music—a four-track EP that promises to capture hearts and move feet.

With a dedicated worldwide following and musical influences that range from Whitney Houston to Onyeka Nwenu, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tracy Chapman, Brandy, Monica, Beyoncé, and Amy Winehouse, Waje is ready to make a major impact on the web3 music scene.

Like all Gala Music tracks, these special NFTs are limited in supply. Each Signature Edition is limited to only 100 digital copies, so securing each track in this 4-song EP will be a collector’s dream, especially for fans of Afrobeats who truly understand the significance of this moment.

Exclusively on Gala Music

If you want to hear these brand new tracks, look no further than Gala Music, where you don’t have to own to enjoy. In fact, for three weeks following the drop, you won’t be able to hear these songs anywhere else in the world. All you need to start discovering new music with Gala is to create a free account.

“Odo” and “Worries”

Presale for the first two tracks from Waje’s EP started at 12pm PT for everyone qualified, and the open sale begins today at 1pm PT.These tracks will be exclusively available on Gala Music for three weeks, so fans won’t want to miss out on this exclusive listening experience.

“Odo” is a Ghanaian word for love, capturing an upbeat love story about commitment and timeless affections. The song features sultry vocals, memorable melodies, and a feel-good Afrobeat vibe that improves with each play.

Listen to “Odo” now on Gala Music

“Worries” is an upbeat Afrobeat/pop fusion song produced by Nigerian hitmaker Mr. Soul SHIIRO. The track showcases Waje in beast mode, transitioning smoothly between English and Pidgin English, backed by melodious harmonies that are sure to get listeners dancing.

Listen to “Worries” now on Gala Music

Two More Tracks Coming May 22nd

The excitement continues on May 22nd with the release of the final two tracks from Waje’s EP. These, too, will enjoy a three-week exclusive period on Gala Music.

NFT Ownership Rewards

Each track from this EP will initially be available as a Signature Edition NFT, limited to just 100 digital reward-enabled copies. By pairing these tracks with an active Jukebox Node, fans can collect daily $MUSIC rewards based on the track’s platform popularity. And because they’re Signature Editions, owners will enjoy the max boost multiplier to their daily rewards!

“Working with Gala Music has been an amazing experience, seamless and very transparent. The whole team has been truly supportive, both technically and informative, and I am quite happy the platform is open to African artists, giving us full power to bring our music, merch, and other content closer to the core fans.”


Don’t miss out on this exclusive release from one of Africa’s most captivating voices. Head over to Gala Music to be among the first to listen and support Waje’s latest masterpieces.

Grab all four Signature Edition tracks to count yourself among the most elite collectors of Gala Music NFTs!

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Emily Faye’s Uplifting Anthem “Fearless” Drops a Reimagined Signature Track NFT on April 23

Emily Faye’s Uplifting Anthem “Fearless” Drops a Reimagined Signature Track NFT on April 23

Get ready to explore the depths of emotion and authenticity with Emily Faye‘s latest track drop on Gala Music, “Fearless” (Reimagined). Available as a Signature Edition limited to just 100 copies and dropping on Tuesday, April 23, this release marks a poignant moment in Faye’s career, showcasing her unparalleled ability to connect with listeners through raw and heartfelt music.

Listen to “Fearless” (Reimagined) now on Gala Music

“Fearless” (Reimagined) strips back the layers, presenting a version of the song that is even more intimate and stripped down than ever before. Emily describes it as “one of the best songs I’ve ever written,” now reimagined to expose the core of its emotional resonance and uplift the spirits of her listeners. This Signature Edition offers listeners a unique auditory experience they can actually own, sharing in the track’s platform success and receiving $MUSIC rewards.

Check out the inspiring video for the original version of “Fearless”👇

Emily Faye

Born in the lush landscapes of the English countryside, Emily Faye has always had music intertwined with her essence. Her journey through the sonic realms has earned her a spot among the most compelling artists of her generation, known for her profound lyrical narratives and captivating melodies. Having shared stages with renowned artists and garnered critical acclaim, Faye continues to use her music as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of life.

This release not only reinforces Emily Faye’s status as a veteran Gala Music artist but also highlights the innovative spirit of Gala Music, where music meets blockchain to empower artists and enhance listener engagement through direct interaction and rewards.

Emily Faye on X

Previous Releases

This track marks Emily’s 7th NFT release on Gala Music. Check out her other songs through the links below– The “Free Coffee” Signature Edition is still available, but only while supplies last!

“Me First” – Signature dropped on 9/14/23 – SOLD OUT

“Girlfriend Material” – Signature dropped on 2/8/24 – SOLD OUT

“Still Do” – Signature dropped on 2/29/24 – SOLD OUT

“Festive Feeling” – Pink Edition dropped 12/12/23 – SOLD OUT

“Playstation” (Gala Edition) – Legacy dropped 7/4/23 – SOLD OUT

“Free Coffee” – Signature dropped 3/22/24 – STILL AVAILABLE

Make sure to secure your copy of this limited release on April 23rd and immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of “Fearless” (Reimagined). Experience the raw, unfiltered essence of Emily Faye’s artistry and support her journey directly starting a track collection!

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Daisy Gray’s New Single ‘Almost to the Moon’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

Daisy Gray’s New Single ‘Almost to the Moon’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

As we continue pioneering the music industry into uncharted web3 territory, Gala Music is excited for tomorrow’s release of Daisy Gray’s latest track, “Almost to the Moon.”

This song is an emotional odyssey that delves into the very essence of human connections—love, loss, and the fragility of life itself.

“Almost to the Moon” is Daisy Gray’s personal reflection on the highs and lows of relationships. It beautifully captures the emotional journey of loving deeply, the heartache of loss and the profound introspection that follows. Its poignant lyrics and haunting melodies convey the delicate balance of love’s strength and vulnerability, making it a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever loved and lost.

Listen to “Almost to the Moon” on Gala Music

At just 24 years old, Daisy Gray has already made a significant mark on the music industry. Her journey began with viral success on YouTube, where her unique covers captivated millions, and has since evolved into an innovative force in pop music. 

Daisy’s ability to infuse her personal experiences into her music, creating vulnerable and unforgettable sounds, sets her apart as a true artist. Her electrifying writing not only entertains but resonates and connects on a deeply human level.

Daisy’s official “Wicked Game” Tribute video has amassed an astounding 26M+ views on Youtube and it’s easy to see why. Her famed cover of Chris Isaac’s classic and haunting melody has also been released as a Signature Edition NFT on Gala Music and if you hurry you can still snag a reward enabled copy.

“Almost to the Moon” serves as a mirror to our own experiences, reflecting the universal themes of love’s transformative power and the personal growth that comes from embracing its trials.

Experience Daisy Gray’s “Almost to the Moon” now and get ready for its exciting (limit 100) Signature Edition NFT drop tomorrow at 12pm PT. This track promises not only to enrich your music collection but also to touch your heart and soul, reminding us all of the profound journey that love can take us on.

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