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Navigating GalaSwap: Your Guide to Token Swapping on GalaChain

June 25, 2024
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Welcome to GalaSwap, your go-to platform for direct token swapping on GalaChain. With GalaSwap, you can seamlessly exchange $GALA and other network tokens such as $MTRM, as well as new community project tokens created through the GalaSwap Project Token Creation Tool.

Not only can you exchange tokens easily without leaving GalaChain, but you’ll also receive $GSWAP every time you create or accept a swap!

This guide will walk you through the steps to start swapping tokens, creating offers, and finding the best swaps available.Visit to begin your journey.

Getting Started with GalaSwap

First, login at with your Gala account credentials. Even if you’re logged in at one of the platform sites already, you’ll need to login to GalaSwap specifically because it is a separate platform.

Creating an Offer on GalaSwap

  1. Navigate to the Create Offer Page

Go to the main swap page and click Create Offer, or click the Create Offer button under the account icon in the top right corner.

  1. Fill in the Offer Details
    • Offering: Select the token type and amount you want to offer.
    • Wanted: Select the token type and amount you want in return.
    • Gas Fee: The amount of $GALA required to create the offer.
    • Switch Button: Swap the offering and wanted tokens if needed.
  2. Finalize and Create the Offer
    • Once you’ve entered the necessary details, click Create.
    • Enter your GalaChain wallet’s Transfer Code.
    • Your offer is now created and can be viewed on the main swap site under Active Offers. You’ll be notified when your swap is accepted.

Searching for an Offer on GalaSwap

  1. Log In and Search
    • On the main swap page, fill in the Offering and Wanted fields.
    • Click the Search button to find matching offers.
  2. Review and Accept Offers
    • When you find an offer, you will see:
      • You Give: The total amount of the token you will give.
      • Exchange Rate: The rate of the swap.
      • You Receive: The total amount of the token you will receive.
      • Gas Fee: The $GALA required to accept the offer.
    • If the swap is acceptable, click Swap.
    • Enter your GalaChain Wallet’s Transfer Code.
    • The swap will be initiated, and you will see a Swap Succeeded prompt upon completion.

GalaSwap Support Guide