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Latest and Greatest: Champions Arena Q1

February 8, 2024
Champions Arena is an epic mobile RPG battle game from Gala Games!
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For this issue of Gala’s Latest and Greatest, we’re taking a look at Champions Arena, the epic RPG battler built by the incredible dev team at OneUniverse. This amazing group of accomplished game devs had a special place in their heart for RPG battle mechanics like those found in the old school classic console RPGs with which many of us grew up and sharpened our strategy skills.

They were captivated by the endless strategic combinations of both attacks and defenses, different abilities from different characters, the variety of equipment and weapons, and of course, incredible and timeless character art. Envisioning a new type of game that embraced and elevated the battle mechanics while placing beautiful art on a pedestal, the OneUniverse dev team conceived the idea of Champions Arena.

Battle All Day

What truly sets Champions Arena apart from other mobile RPGs is its strong focus on battle above everything else. In the various types of arenas, players can collect and deploy over a hundred different Champions, with new Champions being added regularly with new updates.

With so many unique Champions, each with its own set of abilities and buffs, the strategy combos are virtually endless, even for the most dedicated players. Upsets and surprises are always possible, and through proper strategy, it’s possible to defeat Champion teams with much higher levels–If you play your cards right.

Grind or Compete

With both PvE and PvP modes, Champions Arena allows players to alternate between many different modes of gameplay to always keep things fresh. There’s always a way to grind in Champions Arena.

Take on other players with your best Champion team in the PvP “Arena” mode, where gameplay is measured by Seasons, each lasting several weeks. Within each Season, players battle for Leaderboard positions, competing for piles of loot in the form of Gems (used to buy various in-game items and equipment), Arena reward chests (containing super rare equipment and items) and Minting Scrolls, which are used to mint collected in-game Champions as NFTs on GalaChain.

NFT Champions

Because we’re running on GalaChain, players have the unique option to own their Champions as minted tokens (NFTs), allowing them to trade on secondary markets and transfer to other users. Browse the secondary market on OpenSea

Daily $GALA Rewards are also distributed for those who play with NFT Champions that are minted on GalaChain. From a reward pool determined each day by how much was spent on in-game purchases throughout that day, victorious players receive a portion of $GALA equivalent to their victory, compared to other NFT owning players.

Ownership is not required at all to play the game and collect Champions, but owning unlocks the ability to earn rewards in the PvP Arena. Through the use of Minting Scrolls, every Champion has the ability to be minted as an NFT on GalaChain. This allows players to level up their favorites while collecting Scrolls, then mint them as tokens once they’re ready to take on the competition in the Arena for real rewards!

So Many Rewards

With Daily Quest rewards, Idle rewards and more, there are so many ways to convert your time and energy into Champions Arena in-game loot. Additionally, the team is always spinning up new ways to unlock excitement.

Valentine Rewards

Right now, complete tasks in the special Valentine category to accumulate Love Medals to spend on Champions, items, equipment and more in a special in-game store! You have just over two weeks left to grind out these exclusive Valentine Challenges before the opportunity is gone!

From February 7th-February 20th, 500 Love Medals will be given away beach day, so be sure to login daily!

Events and Promos

Be sure to check all the Events so you never miss out on potential rewards. The best way to get as many rewards as possible is to keep up a daily login streak–The more consecutive days you play, the greater your rewards. Even without purchasing Summon Tickets, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can build up a solid collection of Champions simply by logging in daily and collecting your gameplay rewards!

New Champions

New Champions are released in each new Season. To ensure that they get into the hands of the hungry players, these new Champions are given a greatly enhanced drop rate from Summon Tickets throughout the first Season of their arrival!

Until the end of the current season, you’ll have an increased chance of summoning both Deros and King Titan, the brand new Champions in the game!

For Sale in the Gala Store

Sometimes you’ll have the chance to purchase Champion Boxes directly from the GalaChain store, which contain already-minted NFT Champions of various rarities. But you’ll have to watch the store closely because these Champion Boxes tend to sell out quickly!

Gem Packs are always available in various quantities, and they’re the best way to beef up your Champions Arena collection quickly! Starting today (February 8th) in honor of the Lunar New Year celebration, all Gem Packs are 15% off in the Gala store!

Looking Forward

Look out for exciting new events, new purchase and reward opportunities, and new Champions entering the fray throughout 2024–Check out the Update Roadmap below from the UneUniverse team!

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