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Celestial Claim Land Presale — Round 2

November 30, 2021
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The second round of Echoes of Empire’s Celestial Claim Land Presale is now live in the Gala Games store!

As Valentina Barbaro’s epic space adventure continues, she finds herself in new Star Clusters of the galaxy. Most recently, she has arrived in THE PALE, at a place called Serenity’s Pyre, to get the scoop on a mysterious transmission recovered at SIGIS STATION in Part 7.

Celestial Claims Now Available

The Pale’s Celestial Claims are now available in limited supply, but to get the best prices on these stars, planets, moons and habitable asteroids, you’ll need to act quickly.

Unlike the Claims that were sold in last week’s Ember’s Grace presale, all Celestial Claims for The Pale will be priced in increasing tiers. As more sell, the price of the remaining Claims will increase. If you plan to make a grab for one of these unique Celestial Claims, do it quickly. Hesitating could prove costly for you!

Limited Time Sale

In addition to the increasing price tier structure, Celestial Claims will only be available for a limited time (or until they sell out). Ember’s Grace was in the store for exactly 48 hours, but the first 15 minutes of the presale was enough time for all 1000 Uncommon Celestial Claims to sell out.

Remember, once Claims for a specific Cluster leave the store, they will not be available again until Valentina returns to that Cluster. Then when they do return, they will have a higher price.

Get Claims Here

Celestial Claim Sale Info

Browse the available info on Celestial Claims, including basic play-to-earn mechanics, numbers of mines, price ranges and more.

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