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Celebrating Independence Day with the Stars and Stripes Monument!

July 4, 2024
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Happy Independence Day, Common Ground World!

Independence goes hand in hand with empowering web3 tech, and celebrating that independence is especially important, no matter where you’re from and how you choose to live! We’re grateful that we can all find some Common Ground through gaming, especially thanks to the ownership and reward capabilities of GalaChain!

In honor of Independence on this day of US celebration, we are thrilled to announce a special addition to the Gala Games store: the Stars and Stripes Monument, a Legendary NFT item now available in limited supply. This exclusive item celebrates the spirit of freedom and offers a unique new benefit for Common Ground World players.

Stars and Stripes Monument

Price: $399.90
Availability: Only 250 units
Release Date: July 4th, 2024, at 11am PT

Buy Stars and Stripes Monument here

The Stars and Stripes Monument is not just a symbol of celebration; it brings significant advantages to your gameplay. Placing this monument in your world reduces labor and building costs by 30%. Additionally, the freedom shines so bright that it will remove 1 Shade from a large area (radius 3) around it. This powerful combination has the potential to dramatically boost your standings in competitions.

  • Road: Not required
  • Paved Road: Not required
  • Open World: Not required
  • Water: Not required
  • Mountain: Not required

Get Ready to Enhance Your Gameplay

Given the limited availability of only 250 units, we anticipate high demand, so do not delay if you want in on this special item! Secure yours now and help celebrate independence while boosting your in-game success.

Play Common Ground World now

Stay tuned to our channels for more updates and get ready to celebrate Independence Day in style with Gala Games!

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning at 8am PT for the biweekly Common Ground World Town Hall on Youtube!