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Can You Feel the Mayhem? Week 1 Recap

May 11, 2022
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The prize money is really flowing now in the most rewarding month of Gala Games history.

Mayhem is upon us! If you missed anything in the insanity, today we’re going to spotlight everything that went on during the first week of May Mayhem, as well as discuss what the coming week has in store.

We’re just kicking off May Mayhem, and there’s so much still to come. If you haven’t gotten in on the Mayhem yet, you’ve still got plenty of time to get in the game.

Let the Mayhem BEGIN!

It’s our favorite time of year here at Gala Games. The first week of May has already been total Mayhem, and we’re just getting started. Over $700,000 in GALA was awarded to players just last week alone and even more prizes are scheduled for this week.

The 10% of Spider Tanks players who competed in the most total matches from last Monday through Sunday night won a share of $250,000, and everyone who referred 6 players who won a match by Sunday night will split $100,000 worth of GALA in prizes between them.

The competition server wrapped up for last week’s Town Star competition, with the top 2000 places in the Town Star competition server splitting just under $460,000 of GALA overall.

Free NFT Time

Shakespearean Townhouse (Uncommon)

Throughout May we’re continuing to reward our most dedicated players with free NFTs based on certain Gala Games items that were held in your Gala wallet or treasure chest before May started.

This week, all Legacy Deed holders received a special Shakespeare’s Townhouse NFT, with a unique version designed for each rarity of Deed in Legacy’s London. These upscale dwellings can be constructed in your town while playing Legacy, and will boost how quickly the worker who lives within is able to get some much needed rest.

The Shakespeare’s Townhouse NFT also unlocks the building blocks used to construct it, meaning that you can use its blocks to make other custom housing and still reap its special benefits.

These free NFTs are based on any Legacy Deeds you held during the snapshot, April 29th at 11:59 PM PT. There will be plenty of other ways to get in on free stuff this month, but these free NFTs in particular are a way for us to say thank you to dedicated members of our community. If you didn’t get in on the snapshot this time, there will always be more opportunities to get more great game items in the future. Holding Gala NFTs is all about rewards.

Check out this AMA with Bitbender and Bux from 5/9/22!

Can’t Stop the Mayhem

There are no plans to slow down this May. This month is about showing our community how much we appreciate them and we plan to keep giving out insane prizes all month long.

This week we’ll see a new battle in a fresh Town Star competition server, and the P2E servers will conclude their round as well. Even more GALA will be given away in Town Star this week. There’s a prize pool refilled with nearly $460,000 in GALA ready to go with the new competition server, as well as over $80,000 in GALA to be given out as bonus prizes once the P2E servers wrap up at the end of the week.

The Town Star Weekly Competition began today (May 10) at 9am PT.

Week 2’s competition in Spider Tanks will reward the highest point total earners in single matches each day with a share of this week’s $250,000 worth of GALA in prizes. The referral reward program continues, with even more added in prizes. For this week, those who refer 6 friends who prove that they have what it takes to win a match will split $115,000 in GALA.

Spider Tanks daily competitions kick off for the week tomorrow May 11th at 9am PT and will run through Monday morning at 9am PT.

MAYhem Is for You

The Gala Games community is so aMAYzing that we want to give back tons, but May Mayhem isn’t just about prizes. It is our most sincere hope that you have a ludicrous amount of fun this May– that you MAYke some friends and share some MAYmories. If you win some sweet stuff while doing that, our job here is done.

We hope to keep having news and announcements throughout the month that lead to even more unique and fun gameplay experiences in the future, but for now the Mayhem must continue! If you’re for some reason waiting to check out Spider Tanks or Town Star… why? Now is the perfect time to hop in and join in the Mayhem!

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