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Announcing the Stars & Sweets Weekly Competition in Common Ground World!

July 1, 2024
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Get ready to transform your town into a bustling hub of activity with our exciting new weekly competition, “Stars & Sweets,” running from July 2 at 10 AM PT to July 5 at 10 AM PT.

This week, we’re challenging you to craft and sell Starlight Market Boxes filled with sparkling Boom Canes, rich Honey and delectable Apple Pie. Dive into the fun and make your town the apple of everyone’s eye!

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Stars & Sweets

Meta Objective: Sell Starlight Market Boxes

  • Trade Time: 100s & 1 Gasoline
  • Biome: Forest E
  • Edges: River N, Forest E, Ocean S, River W

To craft a Starlight Market Box, you will need 1 Boom Cane, 5 Honey, 1 Apple Pie and 1 Wooden Box. These boxes are made in the Boxing Facility and stored in the Warehouse. 

The crafting time for each box is 60 seconds, and the process is unaffected by any other factors. 

Starlight Market Box – Standard Values
$125,000 | 8448 Stars

Starlight Market Box – Stars & Sweets meta values
$75,000 | 75,000 Stars


This is a guild event! See the reward chart below. Please note, we will likely reset all guilds after the completion of this week’s event, and guilds will need to be re-formed.

Cash and Star Boosts

Take advantage of the following boosts during the event:

  • Corn Starch: $2300 to $6000
  • Apple Pie: $40,250 to $100,000
  • Starlight Market Box: 75,000 Stars

Standard & Meta Cash/Star Values
For detailed values for all crafts, visit our Discord.

Upcoming Events and Sales

Leaky Event Schedule

Subject to change…

  • July 2-5: Starlight Market Box – 1 Apple Pie, 5 Honey, 1 Boom Cane, 1 Wooden Box
  • July 9-12: Chocolate Ice Cream – Ice Blocks, a Chocolate Bar, and more
  • July 16-19: A tasty new Cake, or maybe it’s a Pie? 🫐
  • July 23-26: Stay tuned for more details!

Latest Sales

Helping Beehive (Epic)

Featuring 2 Bees that go twice as fast, sometimes store crafts directly into Storages and create their works of art with 1 less Nectar!

  • Price: $249.99
  • Supply: 500

Get your Helping Beehive here while supplies last

Rose Bushes

Open this blind pack to discover your new Rose Bush NFT! These beautiful bushes not only add aesthetic appeal to your town but also boost the Movement Speed of every unit in your town. Additionally, these beauties can be stacked up to 16 deep on a single game tile!

If you were to stack the max of 16 Legendary Rose Bushes on a tile, you’d get a massive 32% speed boost for all workers in your town!

Rose Bush Blind Collector’s Packs are only $24.99 each, available now in limited supply.

Here’s how each rarity impacts speed:

  • Common: +0.1% Movement Speed
  • Uncommon: +0.25% Movement Speed
  • Rare: +0.5% Movement Speed
  • Epic: +1% Movement Speed
  • Legendary: +2% Movement Speed

Each pack contains one Rose Bush of random rarity, with the following odds:

  • Legendary: 10% chance
  • Epic: 15% chance
  • Rare: 20% chance
  • Uncommon: 25% chance
  • Common: 30% chance

Buy Rose Bushes – Blind Collectors Packs now

Town Hall Updates

We have switched to bi-weekly Town Halls. The next Town Hall will be on Friday, July 5th at 8 AM PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel. Be sure to tune in for the latest CGW excitement! Submit your questions here.

Gameplay Tips

  • Offline Mode: Remember to log back in before the event ends to activate fast forward.
  • Fast Forward: Check in often; the longer you stay offline, the longer it takes to bring your town up to date.
  • Browser Tips: Ensure the game is the only tab in the browser. Don’t fully cover the browser window if you’re actively playing.

Litepaper Feedback

We are still taking feedback on the lite paper released a few weeks ago. Access the litepaper here and the feedback form here.

Get ready, builders, for an exciting week of competition in Gala’s favorite strategy game of town and city building!

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